Newly Installed SSD with just windows 7 on it, need help please

Hi everyone,
I just got an SSD installed into my computer by a computer shop (I'm terrible at computer stuff). He only put Windows 7 on the SSD, leaving the rest of my programs on the HDD. What I'm wondering is, how do I get these programs back on my OS? I have games like Diablo still on my HDD, but when I try to drag them out of my HDD folder(onto the desktop), it tells me to re install them, will I have to do this for all of my programs?
Thanks in advance!
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More about newly installed windows please
  1. You have to reinstall programs, other than a few exceptions like Steam that can be moved and only a small steam loader re-install, after a new OS install.
  2. Great, thanks a lot for the help!
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