What do you guys do with your o/c'ed systems?

I have always been thinking about this and couldn't quite figure it out..
So what do you guys do with your your super fast systems? This also goes with people who don't overclock either!

I mean for example if you have a P4 2.2GHz.. can you actually use all of that speed? (besides video encoding)
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  1. Hummm... I do UD and Seti...

    Actually, it's not about WHAT you do with them, it's playing with them and BUILDING them!!! That's the fun part. Testing, benchmarking, trying to see how fast it'll go and you THINK it's stable, then... POOF! Hummm... must have been that last memory tweak in the BIOS...

    See what I mean?

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  2. 95% of the time, UD cure for cancer.
    runs nicely in the background.

    also do the occasional DVD -> Divx encode
    the odd CD -> mp3 squish

    occasionally games like baldurs gate2, serious sam2 and wizardry.

    and alot of net cruizing and chatting.

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  3. Games 99% on my OC machine
    surf and fold@home on second

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  4. Overclock is the joy of bulding and playing with with computer, but overclock is not only applied to play with todays P4 and XP. It has a lot of sense when you have a 2 years old system that still works perfectly BUT can hold very well some games or programs. I remember overclocking my P200MMX @ 250, raising the FSB from 66Mhz to 83Mhz. Hey, that means 25% more performance (CPU, FSB, memory, ...) for free and maintain my system alive for more time.

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  5. Yeah - I had a K6-2 350 which I OC'ed to 450, which enabled me to go up to the next Res on Half-life (didn't have a decent Graphics card, just some crappy S3 thing), thus hugely increasing the amount of detail I could see (was forced to run @ 320x240 or something, but after OC could do 512x384... or thereabouts.)

    I wish I still had that system :frown: .. I used to love fiddling around with that thing but I gave it to a friend when I upgraded...

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  6. Er, surf the web and respond to silly post like this.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Ah so it's a hobby for some of you guys.. just for the fun of it..
    some of you guys encode...
    The rest of you guys use it as a regular home user such as games and the internet..

    how about to any of you people out there with an high end system?; can you guys ever use your sytem to its max or at 100%?

    Having a tough time deciding what to buy later on.. I mean would it be necessary to buy a high end system if I can't even use or take advantage of all its performance? Or just get something simple that is sufficient and can do the job...?
  8. For me, most of it is the fun of tweaking and bragging rights. I use my system mostly for games, some web and graphics work, encoding, etc. Normal stuff.

    UD is the only thing that really uses all my processor. There's only one person on the THG team who can do more results per hour of CPU time, and a fair amount of mine is my old Tbird, so we'd probably be about even :tongue:

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  9. Well, think about tomorrow. What's "adequate" today may be sorely lacking next spring. Not to say you can't do e-mail and web surfing with a Pentium 133, it just seems painful after using my 2.2 GHz. P4!

    For my money, I like to buy stuff that's about 6 months old and you can get 90% of leading edge performance for an absolute song! You can build an awfully nice system now-a-days for just a few hundred bucks!

    700 Mflops in SETI!
  10. I oc my system to play mohaa at full settings @10x7 with 32 tap aniso on.

    :wink: The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark :wink:
  11. Min gets used on a daily basis for web surfing, an occasional photo edit etc. The most demanding thing is hosting lan games. Then it gets run 100% for hours at a time. I have the fastest comp on our lan so I get to host.

    It's kind of like putting a turbo,super charger or NO2 on a car. You really dont NEED it but it is fun to tinker with and tweek.

    G3 TI200
    7820 3dm2k1se

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  12. results wise ive done almost 50k points with 132+ days worth of cpu time.
    99.9% on the old tbird.

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  13. oh yeah... last year i also did a fair amount of LP -> cd mastering.

    THAT ws very memory/disk/cpu intensive stuff.
    specially all the noise reduction filters.

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  14. I use my 1.6@2.4 for everything I did on my athlon XP 1800+ I just reboot once a week instead of every day *grin*
    UD runs always, except when I play games or encode video. I back up my own DVDs to SVCD, video edit, photo edit, turn MY OWN cds into mp3s, irc, aim, web sites, music is almost always playing. FTP server and IP updater run so I can access files from other locations, not for warez. I normally have 38 processes or more going, very rarely am I below 100% CPU useage. And my CPU has more steam, when my new HSF arrives I'll probably be able to hit 2.6 GHz +
    I just wish I could hit DDR400 performance on my board, but I don't have the nice quality ram yet, maybe RDRAM is in my future :smile:

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  15. I'm still running on a PII450, 128MB PC100, 14GB HD, with a TNT card. It still works for everything I do except for the latest games. Mainly, my pc is used for basic web surfing, documents, and programming so I don't need a high end system. When I do upgrade, I'm planning on going for a nice ClawHammer based system, so that I can keep upgrading afterwards. I've finally gotten that itch to start playing some games again. :smile:

    Put your money into the components that will matter to you. If you don't need a high end system and you don't plan on upgrading your system often stick with something that does just what you need. I'd still be happy with my system if it wasn't for that itch (and lack of broadband internet access).
  16. Games is the only reason for me. But I just calculated that it's going to take me around four years to catch up to today's games (I have a large backlog of older games to complete first, including lots of DOS stuff like Ultima 1 through 5). So a couple weeks ago I backed my P3 down to its stock speed of 850; it's plenty fast to play those older games. Plus I save a bit on the electric bill with a cooler slower CPU. You should probably only overclock if there's a tangible reason for it, like better frame rates in modern games. There's a lot to be said for keeping all peripherals and add-on cards to their design specifications (PCI=33.33 MHz, AGP=66.67 MHz, etc.) for maximum stability. Not that I don't have fun overclocking and pushing the machine for the extra ounce of speed, but for my personal situation I just don't see the point. I mean, I buy a year-old game on Ebay every month or two but I don't even *install* it for years. So what's the point of overclocking when you're playing games that were made for the previous generation of processors or before? If you're like me, you don't need to overclock.

    This is also the reason I won't be buying a new machine for at least a year. I was all set to buy a P4 B next month but now I just can't justify it! What's the point? I would never be using even *half the available power*. Lol, the vast majority of the poor P4's silicon would be sitting there whistling in boredom while I'm using 0.3% of its power playing The Bard's Tale or Starflight from the late 80s.

    On the other hand, if you do have enough time to keep up with good games as they're released (a really worthy game is released every couple months on average), you need the baddest CPU and video card out there for maximum enjoyment and quickest loading times from it. Games like Comanche 4 and Morrowind, in full detail, need 1.5+ GHz or more PERIOD. I tried Comanche 4 on my overclocked P3 with Voodoo5 and I immediately un-installed it because it was very choppy at full detail, and I refuse to play any other way. My estimate of when I'll get to Comanche 4? 2006.

  17. yes I use my un o-c AthlonXP 1900+ for digital video editing and gaming...oc-ing is a good idea when trying to render a 30minute short with 4 layers of effects on it, full uncompressed DV renders at about 2 fps on my palomino with 768Mb DDR RAM.
  18. so long as you dont loose stability
    ive had lots of problems keeping my system TRULY stable with FSB overclocks.

    by truly stable i mean 8 hours straight of divx encoding day after day.

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  19. i do development and 3d stuff using gmax (hey gmax is free and it works to just learn). I also host my own website using apache. Or will .. it's down right now. havn't had time to set it back up. I also want to setup an FTP server.

    I realy beat my computer to the ground. I haven't had any problems either with the athlon XP chip.

    On top of that would be your normal everday word,browsing, and chat. For me i also use my ati all in wonder with it's TV.

    That is why I need a monster computer. Ironicly enough it's also fun to build a computer. The amount of knowledge you gain from building your own system is tramendous. The skill you learn from it is problem solving and trouble shooting. And, i don't know a computer field where that skill isn't needed.

    I think anyone interested in the computer science of things or the computer information of things should build there own computer instead of buying a Dell for example. The amount you learn from it is more than you can gain from a book.

    of course that is only my opinion.

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  20. your exactly right.
    learnt alot about proper care and handling of a PC.

    also with ones generic box its completely modular. one can upgrade any component whenever you wish.

    my beige box started with a tbird 1200 + sdram + 40gb HDD + 52x cdrom + tnt2 graphics.

    now its got a XP1800, ddr333 & mobo, an extra 80gb hdd, burner, dvd drive and geforce2.

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  21. i've not oc-ed my system because it's not stable even at normal clock speeds! i've got a pure copper Coolermaster HCC-002 HSF with a 7200 rpm fan, but still something is overheating when i divx encode or do loads of mp3 encoding, bascially when i really push the system for long periods (usually within an hour i'll get a lock up)
    I have the cheapest PSU and case known to man (40 US dollars for a 300W PSU AND ATX case) so that might be the thing to blame.....might invest in a quality 400W supply and aluminium case + muchos fans....but 90% of gaming is OK.
  22. *Nods*

    ive found Divx encoding to be one of the best system stress testers around.
    it stresses your Hard drives, IDE controller, memory & cpu.

    if you worried that your PSU is crapping out on you, download Motherboard Monitor 5.1 (MBM)
    the keep an eye on your voltages during cpu intensive tasks. erratic fluctuations and significant dips in the 5v line indicate insufficient 'juice'
    also, i bet that cheap PSU gets very HOT. another sign.

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  23. lol i don't know about exactly right ... i like to refer to it as just agreeing with my opinion.

    People on this board skin you alive for thinking your right lol! But thanks for your input.

    I started off with a 486sx 25mhz. *nods* hey! we had a screaming system then! everything else at the time was nothing but 386's at computer city! Then the most amazing thing happened ... my dad got free pentium mobo's so i upgraded to a pentium 75mhz baby! still couldn't play starcraft though! my dad upgraded to a pentium 133. ya i could play starcraft! i was thrilled! then i got a job ... yep ... bought a amd k6-2 500mhz ... my bro has that .. then i upgraded to a duron 700mhz ... my friend has that now, and then i upgraded to a 1.33ghz tbird but the dragon orb 3 died and i had to RMA both the chip and the HS&F. But atacom had none instock so they refunded my account. so then i had to buy a duron 800. something cheap... then i upgraded to a athlon xp 1600+ ... i'm quite happy with my current system! ... Much better then the 486 days heh .. running DOS 6.22 lol! lol ya long history and lots of experience with it too.

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  24. "Yeah - I had a K6-2 350 which I OC'ed to 450, which enabled me to go up to the next Res on Half-life"

    really? i could never get my old 350 above 400, i tried but i acually burnt my finger on the heatsink after it had been running for a while!! so i gave it to my brother and bought something with a bit more power.

    I need a 1.5 Ghz Athlon + 512mb ddr ram to write emails......honestly
  25. Yeah, I liked that old system...
    I never actually intended to OC it, but I bought a Geforce DDR card, and this caused lots of stability problems, so I looked around and some people said reducing the FSB to 95Mhz helped, so I gave that a go...

    But didn't want to only run my K6-2 @ 325, so I upped the multiplier to 4 (380Mhz).
    When I noticed that this was as stable as before, I caught the OC bug and suddenly wanted to get as much as possible out of it!

    I Actually had it running stable @ 475 :cool: , but coz this meant I had the FSB at a mere 95 (5X multiplier), and I couldn't get it to do 500 , I had to knock the multiplier down to 4.5 and set the FSB to 100.

    I'd love to get that system back, just to tweak it and see what I could get it to do now, with my much increased knowledge.... but at the end of the day, it was crap compared to my Athlon XP2000+ system!

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  26. i've never stuck my finger in the PSU to find out how hot it is...but i will now :)

    i've got MBM 5....i'll get it running and pay some attention to the 5v reading....although my system crashes are now so infrequent now i've put the copper HSF on it might take some time
  27. I needed an additional space heater :wink:

    Seriously, I do general word processing, games (Mostly sports, RPG, and sci-fi pilot), internet, mail, and network routing (Route the internet through the house).

    It's quite nice to be able to play simulation sports games and have games simmed quite quickly. My AXP 1600+ sims games in my baseball sim (OOTP4) abotu 5 times faster than my old P2 300 Laptop.

    I also run <A HREF="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_994.html" target="_new">Seti@Home</A> on the computer. It's nice to finish a result in under 4 hours with that computer.

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  28. Quote:
    running DOS 6.22

    I thought I was the only one who ran that on their Athlon XP? :tongue:

    Ahh, what fun old OSs would have with modern hardware... DOS... NT1.0... Windows 1.0... Heck, Windows 3.11.

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  29. well that was in the 486 days when the attidute was "32MB's of RAM? wow are you nuts you will never need that much" heheh! or when buying a 120MB harddive was like "WOW!" lol!

    i never had windows 1.0 i heard it was just horrible. ... i only used Dos, windows 3.10 (Not 3.11!) back then ... never got privalged enough to run windows NT 1.0 lol.

    heheh ... amazing .. i remember playing doom on my 486sx25 like it was yesterday! heh ...

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  30. lol
    u dont have to stick your finger in :)
    just feel the heatoutput
    when i switched from a crappy generic omni 300W to my enermax 550W unit the amount of heat being produced under load halved.

    and anything below 4.8v on the 5v line you might start getting problems... might.

    interestingly, the weight of the PSU minus the cables tells a story too...
    the enemax unit was well over twice the wieght of the extreemly light and flimy omni, which was just over a pound.

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  31. Quote:
    or when buying a 120MB harddive was like "WOW!" lol!

    Oh man, I remember getting my first computer (386 with a 20MB hard drive) and thinking I'd never fill up the hard drive. It actually took about a week to fill it, which still surprises me :tongue:

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  32. actually that is a good point, the heat coming out the back of the power supply was always a quite warm.

    I'll check the voltages when i get home, I'm currently away in the US, but i live in the UK.
  33. Kick it. Yell at it. Tell it it's a bad system. Take it apart. Put it back together. Buy new parts. Program. Play Games. Repeat.

    Anyone ever think of using a waterbed as a reservoir? You could probably cool a farm of CPU's and sleep warm and well at night knowing you now have a symbiotic relationship with your systems.

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  34. good

    one final way you can tell... this one may only happen in extreme circumstances.

    listen closely to the CPU fan as you start running a CPU intensive task.

    with my omni 300W there was such a drain on the Power thanx to the CPU that the speed, and therefore noise pitch, of the CPU fan changed!

    cpu load on... fan drops in pitch.. load off... fan returns to normal.

    of couse this depends alot on the load/power drain and accoustic properties of the fan.

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