I am dumb. Help me.

So here I am, this guy who can't read a label on a damn box. The long and short of the story is that I put together a machine with a 266 FSB processor and a 133 motherboard. Needless to say, it didn't work. Hit me.

Now, besides that little oversight, something is rotten in Denmark. When I swapped in an appropriate processor, the computer still didn't work. I've been over the wiring/jumpers 500 times so I'm sure that's not the problem.. my question is "would a 266 FSB processor damage/be-damaged/mutally-damage a 133 FSB motherboard?"

- Blue
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  1. Ups! I haven't hears anything similar before, but it doesn't seem to me. Maybe it's possible to produce some damage to the CPU, the most sensible component.

    What about taking the mobo to the retailer and ask for help? They can check with other processors to see what is going on.

    Good luck!

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  2. An Athlon FSB is DDR (Double Data Rate) - which effectively means it's bus speed will be double the system bus speed, so a 266FSB Athlon is SUPPOSED to go into a board with a 133Mhz BUS. When you say 'Appropriate Processor' what do you mean? Do you get any beeps from the internal speaker? Does it POST? If you provide some more info someone is more likely to be able to help.

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  3. Don't sweat it, it sounds like you're fine. First off, why don't you post the exact motherboard and CPU for a reference point?
    Like Death said, 266 is the result of DDR RAM running at a FSB of 133. CPU speeds are actually calculated using 133 (not 266) so an Athlon XP 2000 is 1667mhz because of 12.5multiplier x 133FSB.

    Tell us what happened step by step. I built one for a buddy last week with 4 others watching (nothing like a heckling audience). When it didn't even start, my buddy flipped (cursing, followed by something about 700$ down the drain and it being my fault). Reason: Power connection from the case was off by one pin on the board. I started laughing, put it in correctly, and it booted. Sometimes its the SMALL things that get ya!

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  4. power connection off by one pin? how the heck did you do that?

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  5. d00d, you really are dumb! 266 is 133! There is no processor with a 266MHz FSB, the fastest now is 133. 266 is a "DDR BUS" number that represents <i> relative performance</i>, not bus speed. The fact that your computer doesn't work is probably related to improper assembly.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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