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Why did Bill Gates invent Windows?

What are your thoughts?
World Dominance, etc?
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  1. seriousgamer said:
    What are your thoughts?
    World Dominance, etc?

    To play catch up.
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    To become stronger than the BORG collective.
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  4. Nothing is stronger then the BORG collective :)

    Ok, maybe 8472, but yeah.
  5. nukemaster said:
    Nothing is stronger then the BORG collective :)

    Ok, maybe 8472, but yeah.

    Having watched Star Wars, I can only imagine how awesome it would be if I had been the proper age when Star Trek came out. I'm missing out!

  6. Ultimate Power ^
  7. Because if he invented walls or doors he would be broke. But like everyone knows, in a world without walls or doors who needs windows or gates?
  8. :) It does not need to be English to see the result.
  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I was curious, who is #1 in points on Toms?

    and do you automatically become a moderator once you reach 150k points?
  10. I'M 2 FAR BEHIND the KING!!!!!!!!!!
  11. No , they asked me to be a Mod.,no points totals get mod status.
  12. seriousgamer said:
    What are your thoughts?
    World Dominance, etc?

    He didn't (invent the Windows GUI)... Xerox did!
    Steve Jobs easily acquired it from Xerox, because those Suits couldn't recognize what they had.
    Bill Gates copied the GUI concept to what Windows is today... and made all the bucks.
    Lucky Bast@rd!

    Either that, or he IS the Anti-Christ!
    Sure sucks up all my time trying to get (and keep) these peripherals, OS's, networking, VPN, WOL, RA, RD, etc. working like Microsoft claims.
  13. Hi :)

    2 answers... your choice....

    1, Money

    2, 42

    All the best Brett :)
  14. Short answer is he didn't, well the gui anyway. See if you can rent our buy a film called The Pirates of Silicon Valley, it's about the very early days of Apple and Microsoft.
  15. Bill Gates more or less took the idea from Steve Jobs(Apple); He's fairly good at marketing and so pushed Windows 1.0 towards the masses before Steve could get his version out(with the help of a nice big DOS contract with IBM).
    Why did Steve invent the idea ? Well even that point is mute.......

    Nobody knows why (The Inventor) will invent something! since the invention in question doesn't exist :P

    But in hindsight (looking back on why something was invented) Steve probably wanted to make computing more user friendly/interactive. Bill saw that too and what potential it may hold, and WHOOF,BOOM -- exponential growth of Microsoft!!
  16. Intellectual Property > Windows , when it comes to Bill Gates!
  17. yup well said buddy... absolutely fine on your comments...!!!:bounce:
  18. oh my gosh...u r fine...
  19. Quote:ms is one of the leading service provider for windows os...nd i like the os to which it was functioning upto the mark...really impressed... well said...class java{public static void main(">String args[]){">System.out.println("well said");}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" alt="" class="imgLz frmImg" />Spoilerha..hha..}
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