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I had unresolved problems in attempting to install to a separate partition, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. The othe OS is my CP Pro 32 bit that I have been using since last year. I rebooted with the DVD in to start my first attempt. I did get to the install now and clicked on it. I got to the partition selection screen. I selected a partition that I have flagged as primary and was formatted over using Acronis Disk Director 10. No big deal, so I thought. I clicked next to begin to install. What I am expecting iss a dual boot of my XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro. I got some one sentence respose. I got back to the partitions screen and let Windows 7 format it, thinking it had a problem with Acronis' formatting. I got the following message: "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the set up logs for info." Which are where?

I have ONE physical disk divided up for two OS's an two other Application and DATA. The XP is flagge primary, System. I have the install partition flagged as primary. The other two are logical.

Can I dual boot the two on separate partitions, but on the same Physical drive. I would think so. I did it with my Pro and Home using the IDE drive?

I also had to look at my boot.ini file and make sure that I has at least 30 secs before it goes to the default OS.

I cannot think of anything else.

I hope I can get through this istall. NO money left to employ help.

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  1. You need to select CUSTOM instalation ( not the default instalation) then select the partition to install on.
  2. Uhm! I do. I guess what I am looking for is to change the"install" directory for all applications (Windows auxillary apps as well), Meaning that I do not get a choice in many installations. I want ALL apps from beginning of the install of the OS to present to always go to this Drive and this folder. I really didn't know how to do this "prior" to installing Windows 7, so it would automatically put its "Program Files" folder elsewhere). Since I have already installed Windows 7 sucessfully, I still have a few programs in "C:\Program Files". I do select "Custom" in ALL applications that offer it. I understand that files do need to be put in the C: drive, such as drivers.

    Is there an Application that will help me change this in Windows and then "Move" the current ones to the right drive/folder (including Registry edits)? I would have to first uninstall the ones that installed to the wrong drive. Right now only a couple are that way.

    BarJabba :hello:

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  3. Jonmor68 said:
    You need to select CUSTOM instalation ( not the default instalation) then select the partition to install on.

    Opps! I forgot what it was that I was replying to. I have about 5 forums open and may have responded to the wrong person. If you do happen to understand my reply, then please, by all means, offer some adive. I could sure use it.

  4. it would be a lot easier with 2 HDD's, I tried to do the same thing and ended with a mess, got flustered, but used 2 drives and no problems
  5. Well, it's all moot now. My machine chocked and is at the repair shop. I ain
    t too happy either. I had a dual boot going on the internal SATA just fine. I did have them on separate partitions. What kind of issues were you having?

    I was just changing the time in BIOS ( & one other enabled option), Nothing that should have stopped everything. I mean, not even booting. Sure would like to know what hapopened. I hope I do not have to get another board, I just bought this one, and worked very hard one (not to mention the cash outlay).
  6. I wouldn't think changing the time would do that, maybe changing from internal IDE to AHCI( if I got that right)might, but thats a long shot, probably a bad moment, what you did and a hardware failure coincided
  7. Hello barjabba,

    For the actual Windows 7 and XP -Yes you can "multiboot" to Windows XP and Windows 7. *(After installing Windows 7, default Windows 7 is selected and that will be the primary choice for booting to Windows 7).
    See the following detailed instructions on the Microsoft website:
    Essentially, these are the important steps to pay attention to:
    "On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.
    On the Where do you want to install Windows? page, select the partition or disk where you want to install the new Windows operating system.
    Be sure to install Windows on a different partition from the one where the earlier version of Windows is installed.
    Click Next to begin the installation. You might see a compatibility report."

    Additional information about Multiboot from the Microsoft website:
    Can I have more than one operating system on my computer (multiboot)?

    Let me know if this helps!
    John M.
    Microsoft Windows Client Support
  8. "Uhm! I do. I guess what I am looking for is to change the"install" directory for allapplications" from your earlier post, try this:
    1/ Open the Registry Editor by selecting Start > Run > Regedit.
    2/ Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.
    3/ In the right pane, double-click ProgramFilesDir and change the path in the String Editor to the drive and folder you want (i.e. H:\Program Files). You must also modify the entry for ProgramFilesPath. If your path is H:\ like mine is, the path would be H:\Program Files
  9. Go to Start > Right click on "Computer"> select "Manage"> select "Disk Management" in the left panel > Look at your drives listed in there, and figure out which drive letter is XP and which is your "system" partition>Unhide the system files, and show the hidden files and folder i n the Folder Options in the Control Panel > Go to "Computer" >Copy over from your XP partition (whatever drive letter it is) into that "system" partition...making sure to put it in the "root" (first location you get to, when clicking on a particular drive in "Computer").
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