Difference between XP and MP

Is the Athalon MP a "better" chip than an XP? If I understand right the only real difference is that the MP has an unlocked multiplier and "official" support for use in multiple processor systems. Or is the MP a higher quality chip sold at lower "official" speeds? example: XP2100+ and MP2000+ the same chip with different markings and factory unlocked multiplier? (with premium price tag of course)
Are there any real differences?
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  1. the MP has been certified to work properly in MP systems. the XP has not.
    sure 2 XP's may work, but there are no guarantees, and i believe that some XP's have a cut bridge preventing their use in MP systems.

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  2. also too, you forgot to mention, xp chips can only be run on windowsXP. where as mp chips can be run on just about any OS.

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  3. it's late so forgive this if I'm missing sarcasm, but are you seriously claiming that? I've gotten red hat and 2000 both to work on my XP chip.

  4. That's the myth AMD and Microsoft want you to believe. Microsoft: "You have to use XP". AMD: "This processor is THE ONE for XP performance". Isn't marketing great!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  5. you must have got an mp chip in xp packaging or something. if you run any other OS other than winXP on an xp chip you run the risk of frying it. winXP was written to take advantage of certain features/functions of the xp chip. if it trys to execute code that's not properly written for it. it will malfunction, thus locking itself into an endless loop and overheating.

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  6. It posts as a 2000+ XP, it's not an MP

    I don't think the 2000+ MP even existed in retail channels when I got this chip. (yeah yeah stupid me I should've waited and paid less)

    the letters XP is just for marketing.

  7. no, xp is to designate exclusive support for winXP.

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  8. you got me seriously laughing here no offense. the chip posts as an athlon xp. it's an athlon xp. it has run red hat and windows 2000 successfully. it supports windows XP, it supports windows 2000, it supports red hat. I would bet 10 trillion dollars it supports windows 95. it certainly supports windows xp inclusively along with other operating systems.

    Do you honestly think that a chip maker would make a chip for retail distribution with absolutely no support for older operating systems whatsoever?

  9. I ran windows ME just fine on my processor (XP 1900+) Someone is miss leading you if you believe that the XP only works with win XP

    AMD XP 1900+
    Geforce 3 TI 200
    PC2100 512MB
  10. for MS, yes! half of the motherboards out there show mp chips as xp chips. this has no bearing on the functionality of the chip itself. if you're running ANY OS other than winXP you obviously have an mp chip.

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  11. I dont know whether to laugh at you or flame you.

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  12. LOL very funny

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  13. Well, mbetea, it's hard to resist joining in the fun, and I could get a screenshot, like all the other 100000's of AMD XP cpus running 2000, Me, 98, Linux or other cpu with an uptime of a couple of days to show that it doesn't fry your cpu.

    But I'm curious: where the hell did you get that info from? After all, you can't blame a little stubborn kiddie for wrong info if the parents are plonkers, now, can you? :P
  14. April the 1st was almost 2 months ago you know...

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  15. Please for the love of god it's spelled athlon and pronounced eth'lon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. "if you're running ANY OS other than winXP you obviously have an mp chip."

    that has to be the dumbest statement i've ever read.
    hmm either you had a brain fart or just plain stupid. Maybe your pullen the guys chain...

    look the "XP" in windows and the ATHLON is just a marketing scheme.

    Thats all the ATHLON XP cpu is is like a motor. It does a lot of work for you. Every single processor from intel and AMD are based on a "motor" or architecture. This architecture is called the x86. Think of it as a x86 motor. But with that motor they add a bunch of fancy things to make it run better and faster. Thats where you get the different generations. They add fancy things to make it run faster and better. Like an air coolent to cool the motor down etc etc etc...

    SO! In Conclusion ALL of Intels' chips and AMDs' chips ARE infact THE SAME! Not a copy but the same architecture wise.

    They ALL consist of this same "motor" or architecture called the x86. EVERY SINGLE PEICE OF SOFTWARE BASED FOR THE PC IS PROGRAMED AND COMPILED UNDER X86 INSTRUCTIONS. Therefor ALL software and system software (OS or windows) works on ANY chip from AMD and Intel! How fast it is is irrelivant in this argument.

    got it? good!

    By the way! MP stands for Multi Processing. Thats the difference! MP is for multi processing servers and XP is for normal desktops. Like the Intel Xeon and Pentium 4 respectivly.

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  17. dude your full of a lot sh't

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  18. show me proof because i can guantee you're Wrong!

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  19. No, I think he's right. My cousin heard this story at a campfire from a friend of a friend. This dude in Wyoming was running XP Pro fine and dandy with his XP 2100. Then, one day (for no known reason!) he installed 98. At first, everything was fine. Then, SUDDENLY, his PC exploded and burnt 87.4% of his body. The XP2100 actually fused to his left eye socket and to this day people still see him late at night, lamenting his greivous mistake...

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  20. I just tried installing osX on my athlon XP chip and it didn't work. My chip exploded...took out half the room when it went. I'm lucky to be alive.

  21. right .. and aliens walked through my back yard lol ... you crazy nut!

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  22. :Paranoid Conspiracy theorist mode 'on':

    The Athlon XP has actually existed for over 50 years. They used an AXP running MS-DOS 6.22 to generate enough heat to start a fusion reaction for the first secret H-Bomb tests, before someone realised they could use a regular nuke instead. It's all been covered up by majestic 12 or something. It's only recently that AMD could sell them because M$ brought out Windows XP due to a secret deal to use up the (now useless) H-BOMB detonators.

    :(very silly) Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist mode 'off':

    I know, it's ridiculous... but it's been a long day at work.

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  23. roflmao!! guys, it's not like i killed your cat or sleeping with your women, sheesh. hilarious how worked up you guys are getting. thanks.

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  24. It's called sarcasm, head to eBay and buy a clue.

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  25. ROFLMAO. I was beginning to wonder why a thread to determine the difference between an MP and an XP processor was getting so many posts. I guess it's alot harder for some people to spot sarcasm when it's being typed, unless you start your statement with a notice like <b>[sarcasm]</b>. :lol:
  26. what are you talking about? why don't you but out and mind your business? Do the world a favor and get a life.

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    Now here comes the "You don't know me in real life, you're a loser, you probably get in fights all the time, go cry to your mommy" speech. I wish you would take the hint when absolutely everyone says you're wrong. Yeah, I know, I have no right to judge you because I don't know you in real life.

    I've almost got your little self-righteous speeches memorized. Now you're going to talk about how people don't talk to you like this at Anandtech, and you're well-respected there. What's your nickname over there, by the way? I've never seen you.

    Too bad too, you had almost gotten tolerable in the last couple of months. You actually just got taken off the list, too.

    So in conclusion: go cry to your mommy whenever someone "antagonizes" you.

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  28. it's not my problem if you have insecurites and confidence issues ... i'm sure the guy can defend himself if he truely found what i said offensive to HIM. he doesn't need hunchmen to defend himself. I'm also sure he doesn't think i'm better then him because a sane person without insecurity issues would understand that everyone is equal overall and that there are some things people do that do it better then you! thats a fact deal with it! Some hockey teams are better then others... it's the way life is! I live in a democratic country not a socialist/communist country where everyone is assumed to be equal. tell me why should a nuclear scientist get paid the same as someone like you? huh? dude get real ... when you grow up and get some skills then maybe you'll get the big bucks too eh? if you forget, you get paid more then i do, so take you bs and shuvit. You don't see me b'tching because you think your better then me do you? You're completely pathetic.

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    that is also a fact.

    deal with it.

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  29. That was the most meandering train of thought I have ever seen :eek:

    I like it! :cool:

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  30. speaking of ... refer to your first statement that started it. thats like starting a barfight with out a cause.

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  31. That's right, I forgot about your famous barfight analogies. I remember the time that you said Kelledin was some wimpy computer nerd who could never survive a barfight, then you immediately said he was the kind of immature person who would start a barfight. The best part was, Kelledin never even said anything to you.

    Anyhow, I suggest you take your own advice. Life's a bitch, stop whining.

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  33. That doesn't change the fact that you're being hypocritical. I never said I didn't start this conversation.

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  34. Wow, didn't mean to start a fight. Just had a few beers and asked a dumb question. Thanks for all the replies though. Here is another one, why do the ATHLON (check spelling) MP models stop with the 2000+ but the XP models go to 2100+? Just wondering if the MP's are purposely underrated because in a server platform a processor would probably be stressed more than in the average home PC.
    If that is the case, and a 2000+ MP is capable of running at 2100+ speeds in a home PC, then you would have a very nice chip with a factory unlocked miltiplier to play with.
  35. Dont worry, you didnt start it, burger dosent like skater, and neither do I, but I like to ignore him, but burger had had enough, it was an interesting flame fight though!

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  36. It has descended somewhat into farce (no thanks to me! LOL)...
    Makes for quite entertaining reading though, it's like watching a soap!

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  37. Quote:
    <i>obsolete233 says:</i>
    why do the ATHLON (check spelling) MP models stop with the 2000+ but the XP models go to 2100+?

    I'm not sure about that. Generally MP models are lower than SP models (AMD and Intel both). They're probably just holding it back to ensure they have better yeilds, since pepole are paying more. That's the only thing I can think of, it wouldn't really be necessary though.

    <i>Matisaro says:</i>
    but burger had had enough

    I just like showing him what he's like every once in a while. My empathy writing skills come into play here, writing something as if I'm someone else. I always kicked ass at that in high school writing, so much fun.

    <i>ChipDeath says:</i>
    it's like watching a soap!

    Here's a joke for you:

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    A: Takes longer to pick up.

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  41. what does that have to do with anything you doink!?

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  42. XP1800+ running 98se & 2KPro (dual boot), overclocked & registers as a 2000+ for months now...no frying there! Also boots into DOS...Linux is the next system for me to give a run...soon as I'm in the class.


    Heh heh...a single OS CPU...dats funny.

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  45. Quote:
    I say this: "You either had a brain fart, or just stupid or just pullen the guys leg"

    I've never seen you ever say anything like that. That's too nice of you. No swearing or extreme insults.

    YOU! only look at "You either had a brain fart, or just stupid"

    That's usually all you say, though again, in a much meaner, vulgar, and condecending tone.

    YOU of ALL people HAVE got to have the WORST case of INSECURITIES i have ever been unfortunate enough to know!

    But you don't know him in real life :wink:

    If you can't take it, don't dish it out. If you kept your posts clean, showed some interesting, educated, and occasionaly insiteful oppinions, and kept the insults to a minimum, you'd find that you'd get "Flamed" a lot less. (It's what I try to do, and I've only realy been flamed by Kennyshin, who doesn't know what he's talking about.)

    You'll only get what you give out. So far, it's mostly been smelly brown stuff.

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  46. Quote:
    i will no longer reply to your messages and i will ignore everything you say.

    There goes that promise.

    "Search your feelings you know it to be true, I am your... twin sister" - Darth Vader
  47. Quote:
    I state my opinion and then someone else flames me because of my opinion

    Or somebody says something innocent and you flame them for no reason. Hmmm...yep, I think that's the way it is.

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  48. prove it .. what you say is bs.

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    Don't you people even read the posts? fathead is the one that started it for GOD sacks! what the fuk?

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