Corrupted files!

My computer made my files corruped. For exampel when i start my computer and start a installations file it will say in the middle "The installations file is corrupt!" but if i restart my computer it will crash at some other file.

I have formated all my drives but the same error all the time! What is my problem?

Uses Windows XP Home Edition [Swedish]
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  1. Find out what company made your hdd. Then download the test tools from there website (they'll come with instructions) use them to determine if that hdd is junk. You might have to "low level format" to fix, if all else fails (and no warranty) try that then run tests again. Otherwise use <A HREF="" target="_new">memtest86(free)</A> to test your memory for errors. Please post back what the hdd is (model number included) as some IBM drives were junk before shipped.

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  2. My HHD model is WD800BB from Western Digital.
    I will run the test now!
  3. I have now run the HDD test and it finished good but the memory test didn't!

    From Memory Test:
    Test 1 - 00930 Errors
    Test 2 - 00132 Errors
    Test 3 - 04027 Errors
    Test 4 - 17049 Errors
    Test 5 - 03915 Errors
    Test 6 - 02758 Errors
    Test 7 - 11058 Errors
  4. Those errors are no good and probably all your hdds problem (99% sure). If you have 2 or more sticks of RAM try the memtest in slot 1 on each seperately(usually closest to processor). If you have 2 and they both test fine by themselves try again but not side by side (slot 1 and 3) then test again. If you only have 1 stick and it's already in slot 1 try to warranty it as it's probably garbage. I have 2 sticks of DDR333 (Samsung Chips) and haven't got any errors in over 20 tests, and that's the way it's suppose to work. One other thing have you adjusted your mem timings in your BIOS. If so turn them down ie. 2.5-4-4-7, also are they ECC or non, make sure that is set correctly depending on your type. It's either a bad stick (or 2) or the mem timings are too fast (numbers are set too low). Is the system new? Built by?

    Hope that clarifies things.

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