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I just finished upgrading my new cpu. It's an AthlonXP1800, with a Giga-byte GA-&DX motherboard, 512MB pc2100 ddr, 90 GB of total hd space (1 10 and 1 80 GB, seperately), a g-force2mmx 32mb agp, soundlblaster live 5.1, and a linksys nic card (thanks for the advice on that one!).

The problem, or at least i think it may be one, is that whenever i check my system resources in win98(yeah, i know) it plummets when I have even the lightest progs running. Is there something that I may have missed? Or, is this a memory problem that i can fix with a prog like cacheman?

any and all help is appreciated

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  1. Windows 98 is BAD when it comes to memory, that much is true, but unless you're dropping to 10% when opening notepad, You probably shouldn't be worrying. As long as you're not getting crashes all the time, it's just one of those Win98 things.

    If your system has 80% free resources normally with 128Mb of RAM, windows will probably still only have 80% with 512Mb.

    could you give some examples of Free resources and what apps you have running? - don't forget that Tray apps like the stuff that comes with soundblaster cards will take up resources.

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  2.'s abit more info about what happens:

    put it this way, i have mirc, kazaa(lite), netcaptor, open on a adsl line and my system resources are 47%. i am also running cacheman and using the cd writer profile, plus i let win98 manage my virtual memory for me.

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  3. Doesn't sound off to me. Kazaa is a mother of a resource thief. And if you're maxing out your connect on mIRC and Kazaa, and running a burner prog...that sounds about right for 98. Try testing with NON resource devouring programs (aka Kazaa, mIRC isn't nearly as bad), you'll probably get better results.

    PS...don't download the WinRAR cracks without your virus security full blast (unless you like performing government wipes)! There's also a crakd MetalGearSolid that has a nice virus that will make your computer speak german...

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