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Not sure if anyone has posted this already but there is a pricewatch vender that has announced the arrival of the t-bred an is taking orders for the xp 2200+ ... kinda of expensive though... $230... just wanted to let everyone know :-)
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  1. $214.90, must've changed the price. They won't get them for another two weeks or so though, they're just trying to get some early sales.

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  2. Doesn't say it's a T-bred. It could be just a 2000+ XP on Palomino core.


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  3. Before the Palamino came out I ordered one from the first vendor to claim to have them. Well that was a big mistake they charged me and everything and almost sent me a 1.33 GHz Tbird. Then the Palamino didnt come out for another 2 months and I got a 1.4 Tbird instead.
    I've decided to wait for many places to have stuff in stock before ordering, then just pick the most reliable and order away.

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  4. yeah, those basterds are right here in mich too. i guarantee if you went to their shop it would be about $360. i won't order stuff from them because though the place is 2miles away it'll take at least overnite, so i'd much rather get it from a better online shop, lower prices too. most i've ever bought from there was ata cables. and those are criminally insane too. $26 for a 24" ata100 cable. but we got a new shop in town called microcenter. haven't been there yet but looking through their catalog, prices seem to compete with internet resellers. but i suspect their getting a lot of grey market material for those prices.

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  5. 230 for the fastest athlon cpu out, how the hell is that pricey?

    Does anyone realize that an equal or slightly faster p4 costs twice as much???(2.4ghz p4) and a cpu which is the same but slightly slower costs 40 bucks more(2.2ghz p4)

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  6. Maybe they mean "pricey" compared with what it's usual for an AMD CPU. But I agree with you, something is cheap or expensive realtive to all other products, especially those in the same category/level.

    Anyway, I recommned to wait some weeks/months. As everybody knows, there is a heavy premium on new top CPU, that I thing is not worth to pay for (unless you have tons of cash!)

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  7. I remember the days when a p3 550 was 600 bucks, people who complain about 1.8ghz cpus being 200 bucks need a dose of reality imo.

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  8. Quote:
    I remember the days when a p3 550 was 600 bucks, people who complain about 1.8ghz cpus being 200 bucks need a dose of reality imo.

    Rich guys don't usually settle for the less.

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  9. I was thinking the same thing, it's a higher speed grade than the 2100+, which is around $200, and .13 micron. I wouldn't mind paying $230 for that.

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  10. I agree, its making my credit card itchy. I'm so curious to see how much the .13 micron will affect temps compared to my XP 2000 that for the price it seems reasonable.

    Am I wrong or should we see a clear OC advantage with the .13 technology (making it criminal NOT to spend the 230$!)

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  11. I paid $265 for my XP 1900+ when they first came out. I don't think $230 or $214 sounds too bad for a new T-bred.

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  12. I did a search on Pricematch for the tbred and got the following vendor: They are taking pre-orders for the retail XP 2200+ at $214.90. Which are to arrive the first or second week of June.

    I will wait until the cpu is in stock before I get my credit card out.

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  13. And I actually went to the website and clicked on the link where they are selling the XP 2200+ and found no reference of it saying it's a T-bred. So we don't know what it is. It could be just a palomino. Or it could be T-bred.


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  14. I pasted the following off their website (

    We will be first to receive the new Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred Processors from AMD! They are expected to arrive the first or second week of June. First run quantities will be extremely limited. Orders placed will be filled on a first come, first serve basis so order now!

    New Products For May


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  15. Opps, My Mistake. I was actually clicking on the link of XP 2200+ and trying to get more information about the product.

    Sorry again.


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  16. I'm thrown off everytime I hear an AMD user complain about their chip prices. It's almost like an oxymoron. Isn't the low price a prime reason as to why they choose AMD cpu's...I don't get it.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  17. So do you think it is safe to assume that we have about 3 weeks for reasonable quantaties of Tbreds to up for sale?
    I think I should wait for one of the slower (xp 1800 or 1900) to come out before I buy one.

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  18. I read the remark about the XP 2200+ tbred being expensive at $230 as sarcasm.

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  19. I thank AMD for the good deeds they've done to millions of computer enthusiasts with wallets that somewhat are disinterested in making them happy and have a kick ass hardcore rig! AMD gives you a heck of a lot of performance for a cheap price! AMD is a blessing, hopefully they could catch up and once again beat Intel! From the first to reach 1GHZ now they fall behind but is spearheaded by Quantispeed and the ++++ marketing strategy..hehe
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