Amd 1900+ not working properly

Can you guys please help me, my 1900+ doesn't seem to be working properly and it takes ages for me to do anything with it. I've used software such as SiSoft sandra which has just said it should be working properly. It takes ages for me to do anything and it only uses like 2-3% of cpu load

Can anyone help me at all pls ?
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  1. you might try giving out a few helpers, like your current system stats (mobo modle/type) ram, video card, ect, ect. Also can you tell us what you did before it started acting buggy. Did it start acting buggy to begin with or did it gradually become that way
  2. Make sure your cache is enabled in the bios, l1 l2 and l3 if you have it(whicvh you shoiudlnt but make sure) that it is all set to enabled.

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