My computer is 32 bit, need 64 bit to install windows 7

OK, pay close attention. Here is a good one.

I had a Compaq SR1710NX with OEM XP SP3 (32bit). The system was a 32bit system.

During January 2013, I upgraded to the Win 8 Pro 32 bit. As many of you also had with an older system, the video was jacked.
So I decide to rebuild the system into a 64 bit system. (AMD A10 5800K & MSI FM2-a85xa-g65 Mobo). I ordered my copy of Win 7 retail to become my new OS platform.

Now because I am using the same Hard Drives, when I go to start the system up and install my win 7 copy, tadaaaa! Win 8 Pro 32 bit starts running. I am very much in a "WOW" state for several reasons.

- I figured I was going to have to configure everything
- I changed Mobo's, so I didn't think the OEM software would run with the change.

Now the two big questions:

- Can I install win 7 64bit to another drive and have it primary boot from that drive?

- Can I have the option to boot from either a Win 8 Pro 32 bit drive and a separate Win 7 Home Pro 64 bit drive (kind of as a dual boot, but not one within the other as I have seen in some forums)?

I am at a loss? I did not think you could run a 32 bit OS and, prospectively, a 64 bit OS in this way.
The only reason I am now considering keeping Win 8 Pro 32 bit at all is because my Video is completely awesome now.

I have not even loaded the MSI Mobo software yet either.
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  1. You can install Win 7 64 bit on another harddrive - just shut down the computer and

    disconnect the Win 8 drive and install win 7 64 bit on the other drive -

    I don´t know how you make dualboot options...
  2. clean install win7.
  3. dual boot is easy. first install 7, then install 8 in other partition in same drive. after bios screen u choose which os to boot.
  4. Just change the bios setting for the drive...
  5. I myself have never done a dual boot. I am going to wipe my main Hdd and then start fresh.

    If i'm reading everybody right, I should start with windows 7 first, after I reformat?

    Thanks to everyone for responding.
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