Someone give me advice on building a comp???

Hey all,
I need someone who has done this before to give me advice on building my new computer. It will be used primarily for 3D Gaming and 3D Apps (Cinema4D, Maya) and regular PC stuff like Adobe apps and surfing the web. Already have a nice 19" CPT monitor and Altec Lansing THX speakers, and I will probably be adding my current 30GB HD, CD-RW, and Network card to the new system. Also, budget is not sky-high so I have to limit myself somewhere. Here's my vision so far...

-CPU. still can't decide between Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP. 3D stuff I heard Pentiums ran better? Or should I wait for AMD's new Sledgehammer/Opte-whatever 64-bit? And if I wait for that won't it be extremely expensive... Also was considering dual processors. Pretty undecided so far though, help me!
- HD. need a 60 or 80GB HD and will be adding my 30GB as a secondary drive.
- RAM. sick of SDRAM, I want some DDR, or if I get PentiumIV should I get RDRAM? I'm thinking about 512 DDR would be good.
- Video. High-end 3D Gaming and 3D Apps = nothing less than GeForce 4. I am seriously pushing my bank account to make room for the Ti 4600, VisionTek, LeadTek, Gainward...
- Sound. THX 4.1 speakers = SoundBlaster Platinum Live or Audigy Platinum, or the SB card that comes with the remote I think that's Platinum Live?
- CD/DVD. Adding my current CD-RW to the new comp, and i think I'll be getting a DVD drive in addition, 16X i guess?

(if someone wants to check prices on these I will probably be using or

Well, I guess that takes care of the big stuff. Somehow I think I am going to overrun my budget by about 200%. Also have to consider a motherboard, power supply (460?) and case/fans. The comp will be in an enclosed environment, so I'm gonna need some major fans or an above-average cooling system. Was looking at cases on and other sites, want it to look as bad as it performs. Maybe a neon light and plexiglass window to impress the friends or something?
Basically I just need some input from people that know more about building than I do. Do my pre-choices look good so far? overkill or not enough in some departments? am I forgetting anything big? probably will be purchasing all online from or, maybe e-bay. If anyone out there wants to add some input, or help solve my AMD vs. Pentium problem please reply or e-mail me directly at Thanks for reading!

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  1. If you want to overclock get a 1.8a p4, then run the fsb at 133 with the stock hsf, others can give you good mobo reccomendations.

    If you dont want to overclock, or dont feel safe doing it, or if you like having a non void warranty.

    Pick up an axp 2000+, also get an abit kr7a-raid motherboard.

    Grab 512 megs of pc2100 crucial ddr ram(1 gig if you want to spurge).

    Grab 2x 100 gig wdjb1000's with the 8 megs cache, run those in raid0 on the abit board.

    Get a ti4200 or 4400 geforce 4 and overclock that to 4600 levels with a simple program like nvmax etc.

    That should run you around 700ish or so. The p4 option will cost you around the same(a little more) and without overclocking it will perform around 10% slower. With overclocking it has the possibility to perform about 10-15% faster you will probably not notice either difference imo.

    The athlon is faster in maya, but in lightwave7b the p4 is king, for 3dgaming your videocard will be by far the limiting factor.

    BOTH systems are equally stable, dont let any trolls try and fud you into believing the p4 has something over the amd in terms of stability.

    Anything else?

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  2. c if you're planning on overclocking, get a p4. If you are planning on getting an XP, be extra careful with the heat sink/fan installation because most motherboards don't have thermal protection yet and the chip will be toast if you mess it up. Once that is taken care of though there should be no problems.

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  3. You'll probably want an Athlon, for reasons Mat listed. Intel chipsets are the most stable, but it's a small difference and I was very happy with my Athlon system's stability. If you decide to go for the P4 system anyway, grab RDRAM.

    Dual processors would help you in Cinema4D, Maya and Photoshop, but the price is definitely higher. CPU/Mobo/RAM for a dual Athlon system would be around 500 and up, not leaving you much room for the rest. But performance would definitely be there.

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  4. Hey thanks for the advice so far. Mat, I'm not too familiar with overclocking so I might end up just going with the Athlon. Good point on the price factor of dual processors, and if it won't help me in games at all I'll just go with single XP. 512 DDR Crucial sounds good too along with the other pointers.

    Anyone have anthing for or against Crucial/Kingston? DDR is there really any price or performance difference between the two?

    And if I'm gonna get an Athlon is it worth me waiting for Q4/2002 to see the new Optec/Sledgehammer AMD 64bit?

    Thanks guys, keep the suggestions coming!

  5. PC2100's outdated now...might as well pick up the best if your gonna. I'd recommend not overclocking and going with an XP2100, Asus A7V333 mobo, and 512 PC2700.

    Use a p4 myself right now but in the future i think i'll go to Athlon due to price considerations, AMD still a significantly cheaper route to about the samer performance.

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