AMD to Showcase 4-Way System on June 3

At the upcoming Computex 2002 show in Taipei, which is going to start on June 3, AMD will for the first time showcase a 4-way system based on the new AMD Opteron processors, as we read over here. As you know, AMD has already shown only one- and two-way systems based on the new x86-64 processors.

Just stumbled upon this news, intresting indeed!

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  1. a four way amd system? That should supply enough heat not only to fry your egg, but cook your bacon, percolate your coffee, and toast your bagel

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  2. ::grins::

    Or you could use a 4 way itanium to melt lead?

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  3. You mean Itanium2.

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  4. Or original Itanium. They're both incredibly hot.

    The Itanium 2 hasn't released yet.

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