400MHZ mobo + 533MHZ P4..compatible?

Is a motherboard with 400MHZ FSB compatible with a P4 2.5GHZ 533MHZ FSB? Is a P4 533MHZ backwards compatible, can it act as if it had only 400MHZ FSB?

I bought a motherboard about 4 months ago that is made to support 400MHZ FSB P4 processors. It's an ABIT BD7-RAID. I was about to buy P4 2.4 400MHZ FSB then came P4 2.5 but with 533MHZ FSB? so are they compatible?
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  1. 533 P4s will run at 400, at a lower clock speed. Some motherboards (like my TH7II) will go between 100 and 133, you should be able to "overclock" to 133.

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  2. without overclocking or any tweaking will a motherboard with 400MHZ cpu support can recognize a P4 with 533MHZ FSB, specifically the 2.5GHZ P4. If it can recognize it will the clock speed go lower?
  3. You can run your BD7 at 133MHz (533MHz effective) or higher. Just make sure you get the latest BIOS.

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  4. so they are not directly compatible. need some tweaking eh?...well I'll just get a P4 2.4 with 400MHZ FSB. The PC ain't mine anyway...a friend of mine is having me built a 4000 dollar PC! hehe...

    so this means the P4 2.5GHZ 533MHZ FSB won't run at all unless I run the mobo (BD7 400MHZ) in 133MHZ?
  5. hey AMD_Man, is it true that there are P4 2.5s with 400MHZ FSB out there...I saw a couple at less than 500 bucks, about 460
  6. If you do run it at 400MHz FSB the processor will operate at 1.9GHz... not what you paid for i'm sure! :wink:

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  7. Really??!!!!! that's crap! Intel better come up with 2.5MHZ and up in 400MHZ flavor! I need to understand more about these MHZ and how they go together, both in memory and cpu!
  8. Get him the P4 2.53GHz (533MHz FSB), but just flash the latest BIOS from ABit that fixes a cold boot issue at higher clock speeds on the BD7. Yes, I do believe a 2.5GHz Northwood A is coming.

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  9. well I've seen a couple of 400MHZ P4 2.5s in price comparison websites but I don't know if they're true. They cost around 460-500 too...P4 2.5s 533MHZs are still around 600 right? Well I'll just get my friend the 2.4 400MHZ coz we've been waiting to build the PC for 4+ months now! If he has money for a 4000 PC then he'd have enough for an upgrade when newer technologies come...thanks guys!
  10. They will work together, but the motherboard will make a veiled comment about the cpus mother to which the p4 will tell the motherboard how well its wife sucks cock. Then all hell will break loose.

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