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Is it worth upgrading from 1800XP to 2001XP or should I just wait for the Tbred? But will an Abit KR7A take the new Tbred?
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  1. Supposedly, yes.

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  2. Only if 2-3 more frames in Commanche 4 is important to you.

    Best wait for Hammer AT LEAST before thinking of upgrading. You could try OCing it to 2100, I heard it can be done most of the time, or try getting it 100MHZ higher, just.

  3. AXP 1800+ is fine right now, most likely it'll last you at least another year. You'll probably be able to use it until Hammer 0.09u or Prescott. By then you'll be able ot get a XP4400+ or a P4 4.0GHz... Until then you should be fine. Really no point in upgrading until then unless you have loads of money to burn.

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  4. thanks for the replies. Guess I'll wait a bit
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