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Hello, a friend redid my computer from xp to windows 7 now none of my games will play not very computer literate dont know whats wrong with it it tells me the driver???
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  1. can u give me some screenshots on it ?
  2. you need to install the motherboard drivers from the motherboard manufacturers site. as well as the gfx, sound and Ethernet.
    you will find the gfx drivers at either nvidia or amd sites.
    the sound and Ethernet should be in the same place as the motherboard drivers. unless you have a dedicated sound card.
    if you have a lappy then there may not be any drivers for that lappy and that o.s as some manufacturers deliberately withhold then forcing you to buy a new laptop to upgrade the o.s.
  3. And how do i find the manufacturer of my motherboard?
  4. Get CPU-Z
    Right hand side, just under where it says "download latest release". The very top link is the one you want.

    Run it. Click on the tab that says Mainboard and tell us what brand and model number it says.
  5. k motherboard is intel corporation now go to the intel manuf to get my downloads is this correct
  6. Correct, although you will need the model number.
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