Screen Type: Glossy or Matte

I was just wondering what screen people would get if you was doing 3D Modelling, animation, coding and maybe a little web/graphics design. I hear a lot of people prefer Matte but I've not been able to go see one anywhere.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Many thanks,

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  1. Matte

    Lenovo has matte as option
  2. I'm going to get an Optimus II from PC Specialists. But I'm not sure if I should spend an extra £89 on a matte screen. I've not really had the two screen types sat next to each other.
  3. I have used both screen, the difference is not too much indoor, unless there is a light source on the side the screen is facing. If it is just a lamp, then you can move it or sit at other place, so not much of a problem indoor. But it is a big improvement to have matte outdoor. If you don't use it outdoor, there is no need to pay more.
  4. Okay, thanks for your replies. Just one more quick question. I see that people say the vibrancy of the colours are better on a glossy screen, are they much better? or just noticeable?

    Again, thanks for your replies.
  5. i use both and they are not much differ
    but for me, glossy screen appears to be more colourful than matted one.
  6. Yes, glossy is more vibrant but not too much. The matte color is by no mean dull.
  7. Awesome, thanks for your replies. I think I may go with Matte as long as I can afford it. You've been a great help. Thanks again!
  8. Why would anybody want reflections from your screen? Even glossy frames bug me.
  9. ram1009 said:
    Why would anybody want reflections from your screen? Even glossy frames bug me.

    Saves you a little bit of money since you don't need to buy a mirror. :)
  10. Is there a matte screen overlay skin beind made?
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