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I have a general question regarding usage of the Windows XP PRO Task Manager. I Finaly scraped together the cash to purchase a new system running Win XP Pro, but I had to scrimp on the RAM to afford the system. Until I can upgrade the RAM, I've only got 128mb to work with. My question basically concerns running 3D games: On my old system running Windows 98SE, I used to turn off all processes before running a game by pressing ctrl/alt/delete in order to free up RAM. In XP, pressing ctrl/alt/delete takes me to the task manager, where under the processes tab, I probably have about 30 items running. In Win 98SE, I know that all you had to do was to leave systray and explorer on, but with XP, I'm not so sure. The user column for these running processes include myself,system,network service, and local service. Which ones can I safely turn off? Relate question: On the performance tab: Is the page file graph showing me virtual memory usage, or RAM usage? Thanks for any help!
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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">Task list</A> You can also shut off some services, just be carful not to shut off anything you need.<A HREF="" target="_new">blkviper</A>
    As far as I know for the most part it’s your Ram being used, at least till you go over what you have.

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  2. Wow, thanks for the excellent links, jiffy! Love that task list; really great site! appreciate it!
  3. Your welcome, someone else had posted it I’m just spreading the wealth :wink:

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