Acer aspire 3050 screen not displaying anything ?

i was using my laptop and it froze up i turned it off and now when i try to start it back up it will do the booting noises and keyboard lights will come on but the computer screen remains black
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  1. Could be a number of issues,

    try hooking it up to an external display while off then turning it on. If the external display works then continue reading, if not then its your Motherboard (more specific its the graphics card) and must be replaced
    IF the external display works, try reseating the RAM or using ram from another machine you know works.
    Try remove any USB devices as well while trying both of these. There is a number of things that can go wrong like inverter, dead screen, bad video card, corrupted Bios... I could go on and on about how many things can cause this issue
  2. can you connect an external laptop to verify that it's a laptop LCD problem?
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