Compaq Presario 5020 CPU upgrade quest

I want to upgrade my processor in my Presario 5020, but am getting conflicting information from Compaq, Evergreen and another vendor of CPU upgrades. Does anyone out there want to throw in their opinions on whether this system is upgradable past a 333Mhz PII?

Info about the system:
System: Compaq Presario 5020
CPU: Celeraon 300Mhz (no L2 version)
FSB: 66Mhz
RAM: 196M (upgraded from original 64M)
OpSys: Windows 2000 Professional
ChipSet:Intel 440LX/EX
BIOS: Compaq 05/18/99

What I know for sure:
I can't upgrade past a 533Mhz because of some conflict between the Intel chipset and Windows 2000 causing Windows 2K to NOT recognize a chip design higher than the 533 Celeron. But it appears Compaq says I can't run anything higher than 333Mhz since thats the highest setting the
motherboard supports. To confuse the issue, the 'Sandra' utility at says the motherboard is upgradable to at least 533Mhz. So you can see why I am confused! Help!!!


Evergreens reply to my letter:

I don't show a 5020 tested with the 533 so I can't say either way if the upgrade will work. However, you'll want to try the Performa SE 533 Celeron (90-P53C-AA0). If for some reason this product doesn't work, we do have a 30day
return policy and we do require that you contact our technical support department.

Thank you for the inquiry,

Customer Care Representative
Evergreen Technologies

My letter to EvergreenNow:

Below is a letter I received from Compaq regarding upgrade options for my Presario 5020. They are indicating that an upgrade is not possible, though I don't know why. Also, if I did upgrade to your Celeron 533 (I have Windows 2000 so can't upgrade past that processor), would I set the motherboard for 233, 266, 300 or 333Mhz?

If you think this upgrade is possible, do I order the 533 or the 533 + utility card? What is your return policy if this doesn't work out for me?

Thank you.

Compaq's reply to my inquiry:

Thank you for contacting Compaq E-Support, a part of the new HP.

I understand that you need further clarifications regarding the processor upgrade.

Let me address your queries one by one.

1) The 5020 Presario has a Slot 1 type of Processor interface.

2) There is no possibility of using a 370 socket to slot 1 adapter in the system. Compaq does not suggest usage of any such adapter.

3) There is no BIOS settings to overclock the processor speed. However there are jumper settings to allow the system board to work with 333Mhz processor speed. It means that if you are installing a 333Mhz processor,
then you need to set this jumper to a particular setting after which only the correct processor speed will be used by the system.

The jumper setttings can be referred at the following site.

4) There is no jumpers or BIOS settings to overclock the processor.

Hope the information helps.
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  1. Anything's possible and I would be surprise if it was really limited to 333 (depends on how the BIOS deals with a faster chip). If you want to go that route, take up Evergreens offer and try it out; Compaq is likely to be offering coservative advice on an obsolete system.

    I'm running a 560MHz box right now, and 2 B honest, I wouldn't much about with that upgrade. Go for a newer 133MHz bus or DDR mobo, preferably with a Ghz+ chip. You won't regret spending the extra cash.

    <i>It's all the same with the lights off</i>
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