Quad a6 vs. core i3

Hello,what is the difference between AMD quad-core A6 vs. core I3?? thank you
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  1. Hello JERRY K

    Intel Core i3 2310M CPU review
    AMD A-Series A6-3400M APU review

    On the 'Big List' of Mobile CPU Benchmarks Core i3-2310M ranks #76 and A6-3400M ranks #142 in terms of overall CPU performance.
  2. Basically...

    A6 = weak quad core CPU + good graphics core (for something that is integrated)
    i3 = strong dual core CPU + weaker graphics core than the A6

    - The AMD Llano CPU quad core is based on the older Athlon II core which is weaker than the current Phenom II core.

    - The dual core i3 CPU can smoke a quad core Phenom II easily.

    - The Radeon HD 6520G graphics core in the Llano A6 is a little faster than the desktop Radeon HD 5550.

    - The Intel HD 3000 graphics core in the Core i3 is a little faster than the desktop Radeon HD 5450.
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