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How to put a disc in a laptop

i had a picture scanned and made into do i play the disk to see the picture?
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    Hello deppsy;

    Add the picture(s) to another computer that has iTunes and sync the pictures to your iPad.
  2. Do you mean that you have simply have a picture file on a CD or DVD and would like to view it in Windows?

    If so:
    1) insert the disc into the computer
    2) A window MAY pop up, choose "Windows Explorer" or one of the picture programs.

    You can also open "Windows Explorer" ("Computer" or "My Computer" from the Start Menu) then find the disc (may be D:, E:, F: drive for example.), find the picture and double-click it.

    Faststone is a good, free program.

    You can also change which programs automatically start when you click on a file, like pictures.
  3. photonboy said:
    1) insert the disc into the computer
    If he does in fact have an iPad (the sub-category he selected) that won't work for him.
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