Laptop Aspire 9410Z left click on touch pad not working

One day when working on my laptop (Aspire 9410Z) the touch pads and left click stopped working, not only did the left click stop but I can't even tap on the pad either. However I can still move my cursor using the pad and right click. I have tried uninstalling it and re-installing it but nothing seems to work, online it seem peoples left button has stopped but not the tapping on the pad. Currently I just use an old USB mouse I had, but If I could fix it that would be better. Any help is welcome, if you know whats going on. Oh and it is a vista if that helps any. Also the left click works fine until you login on the login screen occasionally.
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  1. Hi, so you're saying that occasionally the left click still works? it could be something like worn out wire or bad contact somewhere. but not being able to tap the touch pad when it's working otherwise is strange.

    have you checked that tapping is enabled in synaptec settings?
  2. Yes everything seems normal it is enabled, the left click only works on the login screen however. It was working, then one day it stopped.
  3. try reinstalling the drivers for the touchpad, if you haven't yet.

    well unless that one day it stopped you installed some type of new hardware/software the only reason this would happen is if something went physically wrong with the touchpad, in which case that would be a hardware failure and you'd either need to do some fixing or replace the thing all toghether
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