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Hey guys,
I found out some good info today. Now i can understand how the intell v. AMD war is like ford and chevy, or piper and cessna, but honestly lets step back and take a good look at it. There both goot CPU's, AMD has more clock cycles per seccond, and dosent require special RAM. P4, has a 400MHz FSB, but they didnt take full advantage to it. Now I might be partial to AMD becaues I have a Athlong XP1700+, but still, lets stop the contest on who has the biggest balls and realize, there both good CPU's. Just my 10 cents :-)

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  1. AMD has fewer clock cycles per second, they just use more of those cycles to process data. You have a 1466MHz processor, nothing wrong with that, it's a little faster than a PIII 1400 and a lot faster than a P4 1400.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Quote:
    <i>jetter2 says:</i>
    and dosent require special RAM

    Do what now?

    <i>jetter2 says:</i>
    I have a Athlong XP1700+,

    You sure about that? :lol:

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