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I have an ACER 5740G laptop and it does not read CDs. In the Device Manager it says that I have a TSST CDDVDW TS-L633C.
More, it the Network adapters I have 2 Microsoft ISATAP adapters. Is this right?
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  1. It sounds like your optical drive is dirty or defective. Try cleaning the drive (get a CD cleaner disk at your local electronics store) and run through the system. If that doesn't resolve the problem, you may just need to replace the optical drive. Not hard to do and relatively inexpensive. You can buy a generic replacement optical drive and simply recycle the rails and bezel from your existing drive.
  2. I had a similar problem with my 5336.
    I was able to burn dvd's, but half way it stopped working.

    I got back to the dealer, and I got a new one.
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