Toshiba a200 freeze when plug

The type of laptop is Toshiba satellite A205-s5800
The computer works fine when unplugged and running on battery alone, but once plugged in while on, after a 1minutes the pc freezes and powering off with the power button is the only thing that works.(in essence, if charged before turning on it works well. Initially i thought maybe it was the operating system, so i upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 but the problem still exists.
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  1. Hello,

    well, this could be several hardware issues:

    faulty DC adapter
    faulty motherboard

    have you tried updating the BIOS?

    were you able to find similar issues on the internet? if not, you could contact toshiba and ask them if they've had similar issues. It could be something as simple as replacing the DC adapter. Do you have any friends with the same laptop? Could you borrow theirs to try? Or go to a local repair shop and ask them to try with another DC adapter if your computer would work fine?
  2. I have change to DC Adapter, Alot of people complain on Internet but no solution is provided that have not try. I have update BIOS and the problem still remain.
  3. so you've replaced the adapter and it's working fine now?
  5. have you contacted toshiba support about the issue?
  6. i had the same problem i took it to my repair man it cost me 120$ to fix (chip level repair) then it worked perfectly :)
  7. call me on 08035289435 and i will give a solution that worked, pls call me lets talk for free, i dnt want to paste my solution. it's very simple and pls dnt sheare it in other to keep more people working.
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