Upgrade Advice Needed

Okay people first of all i have loaaadsssssss of questions here so please don’t curse me for that :)

First my present config

Athlon 1.4 Ghz
ASUS A7V 133
512 MB 133Mhz SDR
Creative Sound Blaster Live Value
Hercules 3D Prophet II Geforce II Ultra 64MB
2X 40 GB Seagate HDD
Aopen 16X DVDROM
Plextor 16/10/32A CDRW
Asus 50X CDROM
Creative DTT2500T 5.1

I mainly use my computer for gaming and working in photoshop and flash, I am looking forward for upgrading and many factors are confusing me

1. I can upgrade my 1.4 Ghz to 1.7 Ghz XP for about $93 is the upgrade worth going for?

2. How much difference is there in between a 133Mhz DDR and 133Mhz SDR?? I mean if I replace my existing 512MB SDR for 512 DDR will it be worth paying the extra dough? Or my existing RAM is sufficient enough for atleast coming 6 months and I should wait and switch directly to perhaps 266Mhz DDR?

3. Should I upgrade my video card right now or wait for prices of geforce 4 to drop a little? And when going for geforce 4 (sorry I am not particular an ati fan) which one to pick? How much difference is there in between geforce 4 ti 4200, 4400 and 4600??

4. Is upgrading live value advisable? Considering I am a gamer will those extra bells and whistles on audigy be useful to me?

Sorry I couldn’t find one specific area to post questions (like general hardware section) so instead of posting many separate questions in different sections I thought about posting this one big question in one section, sorry for any kind of inconvenience I might have caused,

Well I guess that’s about it (for now) :)
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  1. The processor upgrade probably isn't worth it. AS for the memory, well, DDR can be worth a 30% improvement for the highest speed processors, but with yours, probably closer to 10% max.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. It comes down to how eager you are for doing a cpu upgrade. If you can wait six months you will be able to get a faster system (including motherboard and RAM) for your money.

    Investing in a faster video card now would buy you a bigger jump in gaming performance.

    "Just the facts ma'am"
  3. don't get the audigy, creative sucks ass. I upgraded my sb live 5.1 xgamer to a game theatre xp 6.1 sound card and the difference is unbelievable. I have klipsch promedia 5.1 speakers and i've never heard them sound this good.
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