I'm putting together a comp..having problems.

Warning: This is a rather long post.
I'm putting together a comp with my old parts and new parts.
Here are the parts:
P4 2.53ghz cpu
Intel D850EMV2L motherboard
Kingston 512mb PC 1066 RDRAM
Xtasy Geforce 4 ti 4600
uneec 300watt power supply
Old hard drive Western Digital 30GB 5600rpm
Old Dvdrom (forgot brand)
Old CD-RW (forgot brand)
Old Sound card, SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1
Old Floppy
Note: I did not wipe the hard drive before I put it into the system.
Ok, now, the mobo, cpu, ram, and case all came as a barebones system. When I got the system I put in the Geforce 4 and connected the monitor and power cord, I then started up and went to the BIOS screen, everything seemed to be working fine.

Now I go a little bit over board and put in the rest of the components at one time. I then booted, but the computer stayed at the BIOS start-up screen for like 5 minutes, then went to a black screen with the text Boot Failure: System Haulted (or something of the sort). I restart, go into BIOS and check to see if it detected all the stuff I put in, it seemed to detect all but the hard drive. I was stumped already ;) Except to try changing the jumper on the hdd to Single instead of Master. I do this and it zooms past the bios screen and goes into the win2k loading screen, but near the end of the load it goes to a blue screen (STOP BOOT ERROR, or something) that says the disk may have a virus, or is curopted (I swear I could spell this a few hours ago, it's pretty late :P) and that I should run CHKDSK /F...I have no clue how to run this nor do I know if it would help or if I should just reformat my drive by hooking it upto another computer. So there we have problem number 1.

Now, I keep fidgetting with the stuff and get really frustrated, I decide that I'm going to put the old components back into my other case which still has the motherboard cpu etc intacted. When I do this I get the same blue screen at the windows loading! :(
So that's like the same problem I guess....Anyways, here is problem number 2...

I get frustrated (more so) and try to get the new system working again, I start up to make sure everything's in order before I hook up the floppy, etc (at this point it was jsut the mobo, cpu, ram, and graphics card) The monitor only shows a blank screen...no BIOS no little blinking underscore or anything...I go "OMFG WTF SOMEONE HELP ME!". I turn off the computer via the power button and press the power button, same blank screen. No. That can't be all that there is to number 2, now I can't turn it off! I press the power button but nothing happens..it just clicks..the computer keeps running (fans and such). The only way I can turn it off now is to disconnect the power cord. I disconnect the power cord, then I reconnect it..the computer turns back on with out me pressing the power button..So now I have to unplug the cord to turn off and plug in to turn on, the power button has no effect now...Someone please help :( I really am stumped and have tried all I can think of!


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  1. Dood, I would repartition the drive, format it, and reload it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Hold the power button down for four to five sec. and it should cut off. make sure all your memory and that your video card is seated correctly. MAKE SURE YOU COMPUTER is turned off and that you are grounded before you go screwing around in your case. If those do not fix your problem put your old video card in the comp. and try to start it. Also, you are going to have to format that harddrive if you want that computer to work correctly. Anyway, good luck
  3. Thanks Crashman and FrostJack.
    I tried my old video card, I recieved the same black screen :(
  4. Reformat. Reinstall.
  5. clear the bios (use the jumper or remove the battery), and unplug the hdd. see if you can get it to boot to bios stage. if not, check all mobo settings (if any) to make sure you've got voltage/multipliers/etc ok. Finally, pull the RAM out, and see if the box starts beeping at you when you power up - it should try to tell you there's no RAM. If it does, good. Reinstall the RAM, and see what happens. If it dies again, take the RAM back cos it's probably broken.

    <i>It's all the same with the lights off</i>
  6. Thanks for the input poor, but I still have this one problem...the monitor just sits there, black. It changes the light from amber to green but that's it. Please help!!

    P.S. Oh ya, it worked (the screen would show the bios stuff and such until I moved the video card/dvd/hdd back to my old computer (then it didn't work when I moved it so I moved it back) and then moved it back. I've tried 3 video cards, xtasy g4 4600, chaintech g4 4600, and g4 mx 440...none of which work now (once again, even though the Xtasy worked perviously!)
  7. Well if the light is going green (and staying there) then the monitor thinks it's getting a video signal and not going back into powsersave mode... So something is happening...

    The worrying thing is you said the 3 video cards you tried ALL don't work now. But the board is 1.5V AGP2.0, as are the cards, so I don't think that's the problem (sure is weird tho. btw, were they all 128MB cards?). Are you using a proper ATX12V power-supply? (and is the 12V line plugged in? :-) Also, were there any beep codes or anything? Do you have a PCI video card you could try out?

    Maybe there's something here to help...

    Have a read of the FAQ and check out the BIOS updates to see if there's anything related to your setup and BIOS version.

    <i>It's all the same with the lights off</i>
  8. Your motherboard may be grounding out on your case. take your motherboard out of the case and place it on a peice of cardboard. Hook everything up and turn it on. If it works then go to a hardware store and buy some rubber washers and place them between the motherboard and the case. Good luck.
  9. poorboy: One of the video cards is a Geforce 4 MX 440 (64mb).
    I think it's a proper power supply--it came with the barebones system, and worked until I moved the cdrom, hdd, and sound card from the new computer (I had just put these parts in btw) to my old ones, and back.
    No, there are no beeps or abnormal noises. When I power up the system 2 things happen: the monitor light becomes green, and the fans all turn on.
    No, I don't have any pci video cards.
    Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

    I'll try the motherboard and card card board thing, thanks :)

    FrostJack: I'll try that after I read through this motherboard thing :)

    Thanks for the help so far!

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  10. did you plug both power connectors to the mother board, i wouldnt be supprised if it didnt have both. one is a standard atx and the other is square.

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  11. Both power cords are in.
    The problem I have now is that the monitor isn't getting any input from the video card....I have tried 3 video cards (all that function in other computers). The cards are getting power (The fans turn on), but the light on the monitors don't change from amber to green. The monitor cord is plugged into the video card correctly, if anyone was wondering (lol).

    Please help :(

    P.S. Thanks for the input so far, guys.
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