Samsun RV510 Notebook

Hi there,,,,,

Samsung RV510 Notebook
3gb Ram
Win 7
500gb hdd
Pent DC T4500
64 bit opp system

Basically to cut a long story short,,, I accidently removed all partitions on the HDD (stupid yes I know) anyway have recoved all files and reinstalled the operating system, there is no longer a recovery partition as I had no info available to do so.

Everything works the way it should apart from one tiny, annoying problem. :(
The laptop is only 3-6 months old, after re-installing the O/System twice, installing all neccessary drivers / extra software for all function keys. The keyboard is still not working as it should..

I have set all up with the correct UK region/language and have even tried UK extended keyboard - to no joy.....

If I press the following / end results.

P = ;P
I = KI
E = CE
W = SW
Q = Q + tab

ETC ETC ETC ETC,,, its almost like the allignment of the keys is incorrect and/or there is a software error / driver missing.

The only problem is I have been searching online for days to no avail.... does anyone have any ideas??

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  1. Have you contacted Samsung? Also, has the system been damaged or disassembled?
  2. As far as I know, the system hasnt been damaged in anyway... the keyboard was removed to check/clean and replace )this was after the problem occurred.
    I have contacted Samsung - they adised me to re-install the chipset driver and reset Bios to default ------- Thanks for that totaly screwed up the laptop............ wont eve boot now any way, trying to install windows again from scratch I noticed that the keyboard error is present when in the Repair/recovery console.????
    Seems like a hardware faliure but Samsung wont touch unless its a hardware fault hense Im having to re-install everythin using a PS/2 keyboard. (this works perfectly i might add)

    Does the Chipset driver control the keyboard - ie. where each button is located - which could be causing the error.?
  3. No, the chipset driver really has nothing to do with the keyboard beyond any specific USB drivers your system uses. My wife uses a Samsung netbook and it uses generic device types, so I am sure than is not the issue.

    Your likely issue is the keyboard and/or the very small, delicate ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard. That is the first thing I would check out if this was my rig.
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