I'm not sure if this is a windows issue but just a couple weeks ago my screensavers stopped working. I can preview them and they work fine but they do not come on at the time I set them for. I have tried changing the timeout value; still nothing. This is the same case with all my screensavers. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. have you installed SP1? Supposedly there is a fix in there for that sort of problem

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  2. Yes I have SP1.
  3. Is your mouse cursor shaking. Sometimes the mouse sensor is inaccurate and causes the OS to detect the mouse as if it is moving. Try another mouse and see if you can at least preview the screensaver... :smile:
  4. Like I said I can preview it perfectly. It just won't come on automatically.
  5. Shot in the dark, but maybe the program can't find the locations of the screensavers to run them except for the previews.
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  6. So did any of you reach a resolution because I am having the exact same problem... registry looks fine, systems.ini is not read-only... can preview just fine, but screensaver won't kick in... Please help. Thanks.
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