Powerfull 10.1 inch netbook

Hi I am looking for a powerfull netbook (10.1 inch screen smaller is better) capable of decent gaming like World of Warcraft (25fps+) and maybe some starcraft (25fps on medium).

I want the best bang for buck if possible meaning overclockable without serious issues.

Which one is better

e350 or atom with ion2

and which can be overclocked to decent speeds.

Also which can be unlocked like the 6950 2gb gpu into a more powerfull CPU or GPU.

I want it to be small but not designed by stupid companies who don't care about cooling and go all out into making it look nice and sleek.

Hope you guys can help me with this so I don't end up buying a bad laptop again.
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  1. Hello shadix;

    Did you find any 10" 'Netbook with an E-350 APU and HD 6310 graphics yet?
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello shadix;

    Did you find any 10" 'Netbook with an E-350 APU and HD 6310 graphics yet?

    No I haven't looked for one specifically yet
  3. Try looking around a bit.
  4. Nope I can't find one. I suppose they don't make them?
    What I want is something very small 10.1 inch but still powerfull like when you see it you'd think its a weak system but it ends up impressing performance wise. Would you recommend c-50/c-60 or atom and which netbook would you choose?
  5. If you want to run those games you mentioned? Nothing less than an E-350 APU and HD 6310M graphics. Which means one of the 11.6" or 12.1" 'Netbooks.
  6. is the e-350 overclockable both CPU and GPU?
  7. And what can I expect from OC the e-350 over a atom with ion2
  8. I would recommend against OCing a netbook; those things already have very little ventilation and can run rather hot at stock (I wouldn't want my C-50 netbook on my lap during heavy CPU usage).
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