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hey guys, this seems like a nice forum, been reading alot of THG stuff and was wondering if i could get some help, well im building a PC for the first time ever, dont have much experience with parts, and was wondering if i may get some recomendations for a good cpu Case.
ive did a lot of research and its like each case has something different from the other, its driving me crazy.
So could any one just help me out and tell me what i should buy, im willing to pay good money for one (not thaaaat much either :)) and i want to just prolly add a cdrom drive, cdr, and dvdr drive.

some thing mabey blackish :P
but worth the money

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  1. while everyone has differnt opinions about cases I recommend one from aopen. They offer a wide range from basic to high end server. I currently have a HX45 it looks good and the air flows great. check it out here:
    and since you seem kind of new to this go to
    to find a vendor with the lowest price.

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  2. Lian Li have a number of black ones.
    plus a couple of combo white & black

    but i think the best is the Atlas S201B.
    midtower case, black inside & out.

    p.s. if u want clickable links have a look at the Forum FAQ

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  3. Honestly I've built a few hundred computers and what I've found is find a case that will hold what you want concerning CD-Rom, CDRW, mutiple hard drives etc, that is a mid tower. From there you can modify it to have good air flow and generally not pay a whole lot more for the upper end cases which IMHO don't really do much more. I buy generic cases and put a fan in the front for intake air and drill a 80mm hole in the top for a blow hole and they all run around 50c load with high end Athlons. Hope this helps.
  4. Right now i'm using a Cheiftec case and it's wonderful. The main reason i recommend it is the instructions are good, it's the same cases Antec uses (except cheaper) And the corners are rounded so it's harder to cut yourself. The only reason i don't recommend the lang li cases is because their costs can be anywhere from 150~200 without a power supply while a tower case with power supply from chieftech runs just under 100 after shipping and handling. Take a look for yourself
  5. I recommend an Enlight 7237, both cheap and reliable. You can get one now with a 340watt ps over at newegg for just about 60 bucks.
  6. hey thanks for the help and the links, im gonna go check all that out right NOW,
    what im really bummed out about is that i was hoping for almost every one to recomend the same case (hehehehehe) but i guess it doesnt really work like that does it, cause theres alot of cases out there and every one has their own opinion.
    but thanks for the heads up :)
  7. I like the directron sf201-b aluminum case from It comes with six case fans so it has really good air flow.
  8. what you should buy? hmmm ... how about u something you like?

    i can recommend either the Enlight cases. the mid tower is about 50 bucks at i think and the one i would buy is the antec sx1080B.

    good luck!

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  9. Get an Antec.....Anything SX series. I use the SX635, Best case Ive ever owned. In fact I didnt think cases were a big deal till I owned this one. Has a Good PSU, drive rails, fan holders, rounded edges. Why do you need the CD-Rom drive in there? Might want to get an Antec SOHO case if you NEED that 3rd drive in there......seems redundant to me though.

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  10. I like the Antec cases. I have the 1040sx, but there's a new one out that is a bit better even.

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  11. yeah well thanks for the help every body, well at the end of it all i decided to go with an Antec Plus 1080 (Black), i eneded up really liking it, got it for 119$, please tell me thats acttually a good price, dont want to end up finding out i got overpriced.
    well anyways thx for the help.
  12. If you work near sunlight black cases are not good as black reflects all colors of the spectrum, thus it absorbs more heat than the aluminum color.

    I like Aopen too. My first case was from them and it has solid design, no sharp corners whatsoever. (everything is rounded, there are absolutely no ways to cut yourself even if you wrestle with the case :) They have good quiet power supplies too.

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