Can glass cleaning cloth harm my tablet PC's screen

What I mean by "glass cleaning cloth": When you buy a normal pair of glasses, the type you put on your face to see better, you get a small piece of tissue to clean them. That's what I'm referring to.

I have Lenovo tablet PC X201 with a multitouch screen. I want to use it to take note during class. I write on it with the stylus the side of my hand lays on the screen, like it would on a normal sheet of paper. The problem is that the computer sees that as clicking. That causes all kinds of problems.

I had the idea of putting a glass cleaning cloth under my hand to avoid that.
Can it scratch my screen ?

Does anyone have a better solution (better piece of cloth) ?

Thank you all
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    It is called a microfiber cloth. It should be fine; the smaller the width of the thread, the less likely it will scratch. Just use distilled water to clean any display surface. Do not use sometime like Windex.
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  3. Ok thanks

    To avoid undesirable clicks I just went in control panel and unselected "use finger as input device" option.
    This left me with the sticky/sweaty hand problem. But I bought a piece of microfiber and it should be OK.

    Just one detail though, when you say "It is called microfiber cloth" Does "It" refer to what I call a "glass cleaning cloth" or the "better option" ?? (Or both? )
  4. It will not harm, it will only clean it and help it.
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