Will Hammer work with my Soyo Dragon+?

I was just wondering, does anyone know if there will be a change to the pin layout of the Hammer or will there just be a core change. I would want to be able to use the Hammer with my current motherboard, without having to build a new system.
I know this question may be a little bit stupid, but I dont really know much about the Hammer processor.

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  1. No mobo at the moment can run it. You need a Socket 754 mobo, which are CH mobos. It is way too early to think about mobo purchasing for ClawHammers.

  2. NO current amd motherboard will support the hammer, it is a totally different socket than the tbred/axp/tbird.

    But dont fret, because you can purchase the tbred and barton soon which will give you plenty of upgrade room for the next year.

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  3. what is new about the barton?

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  4. It will have 512k of L2 cache.

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  5. And it will be sprinkled with magical fairy dust to make the flux capacitor work better.

    bartons flux capacitor will allow the chip to travel in time so it can complete processing requests before they are recieved!!!!

    oh, and it will have 512k of cache.

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  6. sure

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  7. Absolutly not. Infact you'll need new mobo, new chip and probably new RAM.

    Note: Probably means i'm guessing.

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  8. If you're running DDR RAM already, it <i>should</i> transfer to a Hammer system with no problems, since the Hammer memory controller will support PC1600, 2100, and 2700. And as to chipsets, I'm beginning to think that VIA will be screwed, since their only claim to fame is the high-performing memory controller, which will be a thing of the past with Hammer, and price. Looks like a lot of AMD8000+ALi or SiS motherboards were shown at Computex, solely for the reason that VIA chipsets don't use Hypertransport links to connect the north and sounthbridge, while AMD, SiS, and ALi do. Can't say I'd be too sad to see a drop in VIA marketshare.

  9. Ive said it before and I will say it again, the on die controler from the hammer will be such a good thing for the consumer, because motherboards will only have 2 ways to compete now.

    1: price
    2: features

    Performance of a motherboard has been removed thus making our choice as buyers much easier and feature/price driven.

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  10. ya that is possible. DO you know what this DDR-II is all about?

    well the thing is is that i have corsair pc2400 CAS2 .. do you think it can overclock to pc2700?

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  11. It should OC, IF it was made at default PC2400, since some companies release OCed RAM chips. However even then you can get it from PC2100 to PC2700, generally.
    As for DDR-II, if AMD did not see any benefits for Hammer's bandwidth, then it would explain why they will use PC2700 instead. Once they decide the new CH's need the bandwidth, which I highly doubt since its clockspeed won't be so spectacular, they will design a new Hammer with a new mem controller, as it probably needs to be modified.

  12. you make interesting points ok ... we'll see what happens though with the hammer. i'm not upgrading until next year anyway .. this year is dvd+rw year lol ... gonna wait until new models come out and i'm gonna buy. 4.7GB's of data would make it easier to backup all my data.

    altright thanks for the info!

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