I don't know how to install/remove/handle a cpu...

I have to take the cpu off of a motherboard(I think anyways, the guy on the support line said send the motherboard.) I'm scared to take it off =o Can anyone explain it? I fried the motherboard (..eheh...) and don't know if it damaged the cpu or not, so info on what a damaged cpu looks like is nice too :)
Also, it's a Intel D850EMV2L Motherboard (rdram, 533fsb) and a p4 2.53 cpu.
Thanks, and PLEASE HELP!!! :)
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  1. Taking the CPU off is not hard. When removing the HSF just use a flat headed screwdrive with some electrical tape on the tip and be firm with your pressure down until you can unhook it. You don't want to slip off and nick up your mobo. Once the HSF is off just lift the lever arm up on the CPU socket and pull the CPU out. Hope this helps. Addtionally if you burned your CPU you will see black areas around the center die area. This is the raised center part.

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  2. what makes the tech support guy think that your mobo is fried???

    and how did u do that?

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  3. EHEHehhhhhhhhhhehehhhh...errr ...
    Well, In a stroke a brilliance, when my computer was being a pain in the ass (it still is btw) I decided to try...err.. removing the video card while the computer was on?
    :\ I didn't tell the guy this though!
    I posted here at tomshardware and it was confirmed by 1 person. ALTHOUGH IF SOME HOW U CAN FIX THE AGP SLOT PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!
    Ok, thanks. Later.
  4. That was probably not a good idea =p.

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  5. Zlash, that has been established already :)
    But does anyone have any ideas on what to what with anything? lol
  6. Sadly you probably ruined the mobo and the videocard, maybe the cpu as well.

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  7. How can I tell if I ruined the cpu? \=
  8. put it in a new motherboard.

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  9. man, did you do that on accident or thing "i wonder if it will work if i do this?" thats about as bad as the time i was changing jumpers on my old amd 100 with the power on!

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  10. Don't worry about taking the CPU out, but keep this in mind: ALWAYS ground yourself (touch the metal of the case) before you touch any components, because static electricity is deadly for those guys. For the rest of your components, grab a friend or call a local store and ask them if they can test your parts (and how much they'd charge to do it for you). Once you know what's busted and what's working (I actually think your other components will be ok), call the vendors and PLAY DUMB. "Yes, I disconnected the power before I worked inside the case. Yes, I made sure I was completely grounded before touching any components. Overclock...what the hell is that?" Good luck, be convincing and get those parts replaced free!

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  11. This isn't a socket A or 370 heatsink, so that method won't work very well.

    There are two grey levers, pull up on them one at a time while holding the HSF in place. Then, pull it off.

    Yeup, that's all :lol:

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  12. jihiggs, "i wonder if it will work if i do this?" <--------EXACTLY LOL

    *shakes head*
  13. oh boy, oh well, we all gotta learn some things the hard way.

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