OK... I am an idiot. I setup a password for my BIOS like 1-2 years ago.. I forgot it! -__-
I was sure I wouldn't forget, and I don't think I did. Kinda suspecting my PC is annoying me! :p

Anyway, I REALLY need some help on how I can reset the password so I can re enter my BIOS... please help!

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  1. In your mobos owners manual (which can be downloaded from net usually as .pdf) it will explain how to clear your CMOS. Do that then set your BIOS up the way it used to be minus the password. To clear CMOS you'll have to remove the little battery from your mobo and sometimes move a jumper, wait for a while put jumper back (if moved) then replace battery. This will set your BIOS to defaults, which as stated above will mean you'll have to set any and all changes you or anybodyelse made before.

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  2. DAMN That sounds complicated... so I have to play with the actual hardware... hmm... no SOFTWARE way of doing this as I aint much of a hardware guy... I'm like a software giz...

  3. No, sorry the only way to do this is to get dirty LOL. If you tell me which mobo you have I'll walk ya through it. It's not nearly as bad as you might think. If you pull off your left (looking from front) side panel you should see the battery (round and flat, about the same size as a quarter). You may have to push some cables aside (I recommend powering down puter and unplugging it). Again there may be a jumper involved so try to find out who made the board. Again it's not that hard and no theres no software to help you out doing this.

    BTW make sure to ground yourself (touch power supply with your finger) before touching anything inside of case.

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  4. Thanx a lot for your help dude. But I'ma pass on it for now. I just figured out my moms paying for a new PC for me lol, so I won't really be touching this anymore, as I'ma buy a new one soon.
    Thanx a lot though... at least I know it now for teh future! :D

  5. Or you could wear one of those stupid grounding straps that attaches to your wrist :P

    Forgetting bios passwords happens to the best of us

    It's all good ^_^
  6. No prob. Anytime you need a computer hand drop on by :)


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  7. My whole problem with those grounding straps is they aren't actually connected to the ground, unlike your PSU LOL. And ya they look stupid.


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  8. If you play in your computer, it is a very, very good ideal to unplug it, unless you like to get electric shocks. (I'm not saying you will, but there is a good chance you do)

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