Cannot install windows on Acer 5810t

I have an Acer 5810t. My problems first started when my keyboard stop working. I purcahsed a new one and that works fine now.
My problems began with windows 7 not being able to load but it did eventually but it took minutes and minutes to even load one thing, so there was something wrong with the hard drive.
As i couldnt find my windows 7 i needed to format my harddisk and start from scratch. I did this by putting my windows 98 cd in and used fdisk to parition the hard drive. I deleted all of the partitions and hen made a new one. I then realised that i had deleted the recovery option that was on the acer hard drive. opps.
I then now try to boot with cd rom support from the windows 98 cd but it says it cannot find and cd rom devices. It wont even let me format for c drive with command support. I have also tried to intsall windows xp but the cdrom drive takes me to the but where it says press any key to boot from cd which i press and then the cdrom spins for a few seconds and then makes and funny noise like the lazer is moving all the time and then after a minute or two it says it cannot copy setup files.
Is my cd rom buggered. Do i need to obtain an acer recovery disc or does anyone have any other ideas.
I know the partition that the deleted partition i accidently deleted contained windows vista which it had on it when i bought the laptop 2 years ago.

Please help

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  1. Your best bet is to try a clean install with a Win 7 DVD and boot directly from the DVD itself (this assumes the system is hardware-wise fully operational). You can try to contact Acer for support, but they will likely only offer you Vista (possibly Win 7), but at a cost.

    Win98 is likely too old to work properly with the newer tech that is in your system.

    Of course, you also have the option of using a Linux distro, such as Ubuntu, and ditching MS altogether.

    Good luck!
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