I've read its possible to run a dual xp instead of the mp processor. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm also wondering about motherboards...I was looking at a TYAN 760MPX board as i do not require 64bit pci slots. I NEED as many of the regular 32bit slots as possible. What would you recommend? Thanks ahead of time :)
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  1. To get a doollie system to work with two XPs you buy several XP processors (maybe ten or more) and try different combinations of two processors till you find a combination that works :tongue: MPs are special only in the fact that they are gauranteed to work in a dual configuration (from what I've read on these boards).
  2. 10? i'd say more like 12-14. you also have to spray paint them green. but if they're already green, you need to spray paint them blue.

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  3. Many AthlonXP's these days are coming SMP-locked. However, the SMP lock isn't all that hard to defeat; <A HREF="http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/articles.hwz?cid=2&aid=393&page=2" target="_new">here</A>'s how to unlock it. It's the same trick that's used with the L1 bridges.

    Once you do this, you should have an SMP-ready AthlonXP. There's a slight chance of problems, simply because of AthlonXP's possibly not being SMP-tested, but very few people have reported problems once they actually got SMP to work.

    As for the Tyan 760MPX...if you don't need 64-bit PCi, you might as well go with an older 760MP chipset, such as Tyan's first Tiger 760MP motherboard. It's an extremely stable product with more maturity than the 760MPX, and any 64-bit PCI slots on a 760MP motherboard are fully capable of holding 32-bit PCI cards.

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