Need your thoughts

I will buy a new comp in a few days and I need some thoughts about the things I have choosen..

Case: Chieftec AX-01SL-D ALUMINIUM Dragon Super MidiTower Silver
Additional: 2x GlobalWin 80x80x25 27.2cfm 2500rpm +/- 10% 29dBA

Graphic card: Leadtek GeForce4 UltraTi4400 128mb TV-out DVI Retail AGP

Harddive: Western Digital Caviar XL 80.0Gb 7200rpm 2Mb UDMA100 IDE

Loudspeaker: Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 System Black

Soundcard: Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Player Retail PCI

Memory: Original 256Mb DDR PC2100 184pin 266MHz cas2.5

Motherboard: Soltek SL-75DRV-5 KT333 5PCI 1AGP 3DDR-DIMM Audio SocketA ATX

Monitor: ViewSonic P95F 19" Flat TCO99

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1900+ Palomino 1600MHz/1.6GHz 256Kb 266MHz 0.18 bulk SocketA
Additional: GlobalWin WBK58-II "Super Silent" cpu-cooler SocketA/FCPGA

So what do all of you think?
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  1. that's all pretty good, you might want to put PC2700 DDR RAM in that motherboard though, as it can take it.
  2. You could save money by going with an OEM audigy. The only difference between retail and oem is that oem doesn't have the games and extra software, only the drivers. I believe the retail comes with black and white, but they charge $30 extra for it so it's like buying black and white along with it.

    Monitor is okay but you have two choices. Viewsonic just a few days ago announced to the press about their new version of the P95f, which is supposed to be much brighter. I don't know much about monitor production speeds (probably fairly slow) but this is something to look into. If you wait for this one to come out the price on the original p95f might go down and you could save a lot of money. If you like the brightness feature of the new one then get that one instead.

    Those two case fans aren't going to do you much good probably. But they're at a tolerable sound level at least. I would just worry about vibrations. Case fans tend to cause the case to rattle around a lot.

    You will want 512MB RAM if you are using the computer to play games, which I am assuming you are based on the Ti 4400 in your system. If you're using windows 98 don't get any more than 512MB as any more requires that you use a registry hack and your memory won't be fully optimized either. PC 2100 compared to PC2700 is about 6% slower. You make the call whether it's worth the price. Also make sure you get Samsung modules, as I've heard good things about those. You can do a pricegrabber search for them and make sure you read vendor ratings both on and on before buying. If they have a history of lying and cheating to customers you can be assured they will do the same to you!

    When applying arctic silver to the cooler make sure you are very very careful. To be extra careful apply a little bit more than is necessary (necessary is generally thought to be a translucent layer, very very thin) because this ensures contact. If you don't apply enough arctic silver the processor could get easily fried because it could have large air spaces in between the processor and heatsink and the low output cpu fan would not be able to do much.

    Once you got this all figured out go ahead and build!

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  3. I cant get my hands on a OEM audigy..
    And thanks alot for the advice about the new P95f, if it happens within 2-3 weeks it will save me some money.

    Samsung 512mb is 4 times more expensive then the 256mb, is there a big diffrence?

    The vendor will do the applying for me, I dont trust myself enough to do it..

    Many thanks for your thoughts.

    Please keep it coming..
  4. If it's being done by a land based vendor, then I have only one question, how much is it?

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  5. Hmm, 15 dollars I think..
  6. $15 for all that?

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  7. LOL Five finger discount perhaps?

    I sold my sig for $50.
  8. Globalwin fans ... they are very good.

    instead of WD, may i recommend Maxtor drives? I have 2 Maxtor drives, the ones with the fluid bearings. I forget the model name. If your interested i'll look it up for ya though. These are great and with high quality 800,000 hours of expected life you can't go wrong. ANd yes it's fast. In a non-raid setup i got 27000 in sandra. Oh and it is very quiet.

    my dad has those speakers. They are pretty nice.

    instead of the audigy i hear the turtle beach santa cruz sound card is great. ANd considerong your geting a via chipset it might be a good idea to get a different sound card. Since i hear anyway that VIA has issues with creative. Maybe they solved it by now or not but *shrugs*

    Looks good! :) WHat you have now is fine but if you want look into what i recommend.

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  9. Go with the Santa Cruz instead of the Audigy, as said.

    I looked around at 19" aperture grill monitors a couple weeks ago and decided on the Mitsubishi 920D. It rocks, you can check out my thread in the CRT forum if you want more detail. It was the best quality and cheapest in it's range I could find.

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  10. Need my thoughts? You don't even want my thoughts. Expensive trash, most of it, if not all of it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  11. if you have the resources, why don't you take a GeForce4 Ti4600?
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