Help needed with Windows 7 Installation

Hello, i'm new on this forum and need help with my Win 7 Installation.

Firstly, i'm sorry for my english.

I have HP 635 laptop and it came with Linux SLED11. I wanted to install Windows 7 on it and deleted all partitions for that. After i deleted my partitions I wanted to install Windows from my USB stick, but i ran into error: "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition". I have messed little around in diskpart and tried to reformat the disk, and i have tried everything.
Also when i run laptop again, it still wanted to load GRUB.

Now i just wanted to test if i can install win XP for that ( from CD ) and Win XP was installed successfully.

Maybe there is something wrong with my USB??

Please need help.
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  1. Tried that already, also with WinToFlash.

    But thanks for the answer.
    I just sticked with XP

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  2. Hi

    It seems you were not able to delete the MBR (masterboot record) which is on first sector on the hard disk

    Windows has a problem with some Unix/Linux boot systems and partitions

    There are a number of utilities which can erase either the MBR or first cylinder or whole hard disk
    (DBAN Linus based)

    I assume you used the official Microsoft utility for putting Windows 7 on a USB memory stick


    Mike Barnes
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