Case or Space?

I didnt know what section to put this in but here goes:

My system specs are:
Athlon XP 1800+
512MB 266MHz CL2.5 OEM RAM running at CL2
Geforce 4 ti4400 128MB
300W Enermax Dual Fan PSU
Ethernet Card
SB Live! 5.1 OEM
56x CD-ROM Drive
4x/4x/32x CD-RW Drive
20GB ???rpm drive

I have 2 not really pressing problems which are: 1. My Case is HOT! and 2. I have a small HD

I was planning on buying either the Antec Performance Plus 880 (430W PSU, 2 80mm fans and all those other nifty features... its also bigger than my current and rather small case) priced at 220$ CND or a 60GB/80GB Maxtor Diamond Plus 60 priced at 175/196$ CND respectively

The hitch is I can get one of them free as a gift. The dillema is... which one? The case would cool down my components and I would be able to better overclock my Graphics card and maybe processor too but my HD is quickly getting filled up from the last reformat and I need space. The trade off is if I buy the case I will be able to sell my current case for about 80$ and get the 60GB but I could just buy a 80GB in the first place if and leave the case alone. By the way my CPU temp at idle is usualy around 46-48 and ambient case temp at 41... thats with the room at 21 degrees which I found to be quite high... part of the problem is that my Graphics card has no memory heatsinks so the heat just rises to the processor before being shot out of the case by the PSU fan.

If you have any comments about either the HD or the case im about to buy or if you have any idea what I should do im open cuz my opinion changes everyday :P
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  1. I'd say get the bigger case first. If you really want that 80GB instead of a 60GB, it should be easy enough to scrounge the US$15-20 difference in price.

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