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Every time I plug in my friends headphones on his PC, theyre detected as speakers. They were detected as headphones until we plugged in his speakers. They wont revert back to headphone mode and the only setting available is speaker mode. His mobo is an ASUS P7P55 LX if that helps. Hes also on W7 64bit.
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  1. can anyone helps us out?
  2. Do you plug the headphones into the front headphone jack or into the rear one? Since the front panel jack is just for headphones, & if you plug speakers there, they'll be recognised as headphones only.
  3. No, we tried plugging them in the front jacks but they didnt work, they didnt detect the headphones at all. Theyre plugged in the back. Do you think a splitter could fix this?
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  5. Check if you plugged them into the corrext 3.5 mm socket (it's usually a green one). If connected anyplace else, like in an analogue 2.1 socket; they'll be detected as speakers.
  6. everything is plugged in correctly.
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