UltraBooks? Intel helps vendors take a crack at the MacBook Air

So, Intel thinks enough of the MacBook Air to dump a poop-load of $$ into its UltraBook strategy. However, some of the first models are looking quite nice and are priced competitively with the actual MacBook Air. Is this a waste of Intel's money or is this the start of a mobile computing revolution?
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  1. what mobile revolution would you be referring to? because smart phones came out a while ago...

    back to the subject tho, if intel can work out an ultra slim that can support an i7 with passive cooling only, well hell, I wouldn't call that waste at all. If one can get a better processor than an atom in an ultra thin, I don't think anyone would complain.
  2. AntiZig said:
    what mobile revolution would you be referring to?

    One in which we start to see A LOT of (non-Apple) thin and light laptops and the final nails in the coffin of the underpowered and pathetic netbooks.
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