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Hi I have a request. I'm trying to find the best computer money can buy. This would be a home computer. So far these are the specs I’ve come up with
Pentium 4 2.53GHz 533MHz FSB w/ 512 KB Cache
P4T533-C (Intel 850E) Series (533MHz FSB, 4 RIMM for PC800/PC1066 memory, 5 PCI, USB 2.0)
2x (1120GB Western Digital Ultra ATA 7200 RPM 8MB Cache)
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600 w/ 128 MB Dual Monitor
ProMedia 5.1 Speakers
SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum
22" Flat Screen CRT
Logitech Optical MouseMan
Logitch Internet Keyboard Pro
PlexWriter 40x/12x/40x CD RW - IDE
Pioneer DVR-AO4 DVD-RW
Enermax EG651 P-VE 550 watt power supply
Promise FastTrak100 TX2 IDE RAID Controller
I have a few questions on what I have so far. I hear the Western Digital is not as good as the IBM Deskstars. I also hear the resolution is poor on LCD screen, which is why I have a CRT monitor on my list. Can I get a big flat monitor with good resolution? Either way what is a company that would be worth looking into? What is the best combination of CD drives. Should I have a CD, a CD-R, and a DVD-RW? Are DVD-RWs worth it now? I know I can get enough power with 350 watts, but do I get better performance if I can put out 550? I'm also looking for a case that can hold 3 cd drives and a sound drive (Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum), 2 3.5 drive for a zip and floppy, and 2-4 hard drive bays I would like some help locating a good case or store where I can find such a case and I have also been read/hearing about these water cooling systems. They sound better, but are they a hassle and do they take up a large amount of space in my case? If you or someone you know could handle my questions and offer some opinions on the best home system money please help me. I would appreciate all extra knowledge that you could lend when it comes to making the best custom computer from scratch. I would also like to know what new technologies are coming out so I can choose what time to make this and if I should wait for any new technology. I know I'm asking a lot, but please if you could help me out I would really appreciate it.
Kyle Bruin
P.S. Money is not a real issue so you don’t have to take that into consideration I'm just looking for a really good computer.
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  1. I would recommend tossing the IDE hard drives and grabbing a nice SCSI Ultra160 card (or a SCSI Ultra160 RAID card) and some of the fastest SCSI hard drives on the planet. Look for an IBM Ultrastar SCSI hard drive with a seek time of around 3.4ms. Everything else sounds fine.


    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
  2. You must have won the lottery. Your easily looking at $5000. But as per your request, I'll ignore that.

    SCSI stands for small computer system interface. It is an external card (rather than IDE - integrated disk electronics) that goes in your PCI. Meant for high performance work stations and servers, generally (and external drives as well).

    RAID is redundant array of inexpensive disk. It is generally meant for stacking multiple harddrives for a server (like having 10 harddrives run on one machine).

    You can span alot of drives off SCSI, but I wouldn't recommend getting a SCSI/RAID combo.

    Also, if the 850's don't offer 64-bit PCI slots, you might want to scratch that idea as you won't get the performance benefit you should on 32-bit PCI with Ultra160.

    And, Seagate and Fujitsu make better SCSI drives than IBM in my opinion.

    Take a look at Adaptec's website. Their lastest 160 SCSI card is the 39160 model I believe.

    Get a 15,000 RPM harddrive. Currently the highest they go at that rotational speed is 36GB.

    Oh, don't forget your other accessories like a color laser printer. That will be another $1,000. Digital camera, scanner, joystick, headset, high quality aluminum case, etc...

    Also, it is arguable as to whether Antec's power supplies are better than Enermax's. But I guess that is no real big deal.

    Are the speakers you listed digital?


    Benchmarks don't lie :-)
  3. The current best SCSI drive is an IBM Ultrastar. It operates at 15K RPMs and the 18.4GB version has the lowest average seek time of all drives. If you need a larger drive, get a few of these and place them in a RAID.


    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
  4. I personally would get a different sound card. Go with a Hercules GameTheater XP. Also on the SCSI raid...I don't know what OS you are going to use, but I believe that Windows XP has issues with SCSI raid. I don't know if they have been patched yet or not, but the performace was really bad.

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  5. I agree on the soundcard, the GTXP is a better card than the Audigy from my experience, and cheaper. Some people don't like the external rack, but that's just personal preference. It doesn't bother me in the least.

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  6. i don't know this "ProMedia" brand. can you give me the specifications of your speakers or maybe a link related?
    i see you didn't chose the brand of the monitor. maybe a Eizo?
    a DVD-RW drive but DVD-R are still expensive. moreover what do you think about DVD-RAM and DVD-RW+ drives?
  7. The speakers are the Klipsch Promedia 5.1.
  8. thanks.
  9. ummmm

    if you wanna build a dream computer and money is no object why stick with crappy klipsch speakers???

    just go spend $5000 on a REAL hifi system.

    ditto with the cpu. get a dualie board, either MP's or Xeon's, then run 8 15k rpm SCSI drives off the 64bit/66mhz PCI slot.

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  10. Alright, it's late, but I'm going to do this anyway. I know that the Intel lovers out there will kill me, but the very first thing I'm going to say is this: WAIT FOR THE HAMMER! If it turns out that it's not all it's cracked up to be, then no big deal, either you buy the proc you want to now and save money, or you go with the money-is-no-object caveat and buy the newest P4, which will be ramped up at that time to compete, even if it's as fast or faster.

    I have been waiting and saving up as well, and so I know a little about this. I absolutely agree on the sound card. I've heard of issues with the Audigy and W2K. I HOPE that that's your choice of O/S's. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something. Don't listen to compatibility problems: I've run this O/S for a couple of years now with 0.000000 problems. NEVER one game that didn't play. Only extra stability.

    Next, the hard drives. I would stick with what you chose. I have slightly less money than you (obviously), but I just bought an 80gig WD8000JB, bringing my total up to 300GB. You'll do fine with the 120GB version. SCSI is nice, but if you're anything like me, you like storage more than that little extra bit of performance. If you can afford to purchase the 8 SCSI hard drives it takes to get the kind of storage you can get from 2 WD's, go for it. Otherwise, stick with IDE.

    Other than that, I'd wait with the DVD burner. They'll get cheaper and more standardized as time goes on. I'm planning on getting one some day, but it's not worth the frustration right now.

    Speakers are good. No extra performance from the power supply, but it's always nice to know that you've got enough power to run everything you have. I have 5 hard drives, two optical drives, 4 fans and my entire mobo to power. I'm getting the 431 Watt version as soon as the postman can deliver it. Enermax EG465AX-VE(W) FCA 431W ATX Power Supply is the full name. I got mine from PC-Pitstop, but you could probably find it on pricegrabber or pricewatch or whatever you prefer to use. Specifically, the AX version is a cool dark blue color. that's the only reason I chose it over the others. To each his own.

    For a mobo, I'm most likely going to go with whatever Soyo has at the time. Considering what comes with it, it's worth the little extra price. I can use the Sigma box with my digital camera, and the RAID on board is nice. They're good quality, but it really doesn't matter. I will say this: just try to find a bad review of a Soyo mobo. It doesn't exist.

    Case... hmmm. Lian-Li? Perhaps. But I found I liked the Coolermaster 200 or 201 (I can't make up my mind). It has more space for my hard drives and fans to cool them off. If you really want a watercooling system, maybe you'd like Koolance's cases. It's kind of nice to have all of that stuff integrated into your case rather than buying it separately. Plus, the three fans on the top of the case look pretty daunting. I like that. Regardless, I wouldn't buy anything from anyone other than Lian-Li, Coolermaster, Koolance (I trust them less than the other 3), or Antec (the true Antecs, not the fakes BE CAREFUL).

    If you're not going to overclock, definately don't go with water cooling. It's way too much hassle if you're not going to use it. If you want my opinion on whether or not to overclock, I helped two friends overclock, and neither time was I able to REALLY tell a difference. Was there one? Yeah, but not enough. In 4 or 5 months' time, technology will have caught up with whatever you've done. If you want the best aircooler (P4 or AMD), I don't look at anything but Swiftech. They're gorgeous and they're the best performers out there without having six Delta screamers on top. Rounded cables (can't forget the little things) are a must. Do they add performace? Good Lord no. But they are much easier to work with. Better airflow? I have yet to see proof. But again, they're easier to work with.

    CRT is better than LCD, but LCD's are catching up. I can't name any specific brands, but there was a review of them on this site not long ago. Take a look and draw your own conclusions. I'll have my Trinitron til it dies, or I do.

    Oh, on sound cards, I'd agree with the Hercules. They're excellent cards. I have a Turtle Beach though, and I have no complaints. I'll probably be going with the Hercules when I upgrade... pick one.

    As far as video cards go, I'm looking at either the Parhelia-512, the new 3DLabs card (C10 I think?), or the new ATI. NVIDIA might have a new card out by then (December) as well, so I'll add that to the bunch. If you take my advice and wait, look at those, none of which are out yet. If you have to buy now, buy the Gainward version of the Ti4600. Gainward builds quality cards that are also the best-looking cards in the industry (personal opinion). It's the 750 Ultra Sample or something like that. I have enough energy to write you a book about your new computer, but there's not enough left to find that name. If you do wait, just check the benchmarks and make your own decision. I'm sure Tom will put out a benchmark of the 3DLabs/Creative card against the Matrox Parhelia-512. I don't know when the ATI card will be out, but if you wait long enough, you can compare all three against each other. I think that they'll be enough of a jump above what's out now to justify (cost is not an object) buying a 4200 or GF3 Ti500, saving the money, and buying one of the three aformentioned cards after a leader is introduced. 8x AGP might or might not be worthwhile; we'll see.

    Last detail. Use Arctic Silver 3 on your HSF. The only reason any reviewer gave for not choosing it was the price, and that's ridiculous ($6.95? How the hell can you complain about that???). That's it. I'm building mine as soon as the Hammer comes out (my PII 450 is finally just beginning to show it's age).
  11. If you have that much money to burn then just go buy the thing now so you can enjoy it. When it comes to this sort of machine all I can recommend is get the best monitor you can find, some nice speakers and a comfy chair. A 2.5Ghz machine will look after itself quite nicely.

    Have fun!! And by the way... I hate you ;-)

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  12. next key step...
    find out where he lives and burgle the uber computer out from under him :lol:

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  13. Only $5000 on a sound system? You disappoint me :frown:

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  14. Why get a hammer when it first comes out? There will be no 64 bit stuff so no advantage there. Unless it just whoops intel, I would think it would be benefitial to wait a few months.

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  15. clawhammer is not just 64 bit, it is designed to run 32bit as fast or faster than the intel chips running 32 bit. no 64 bit support is needed, however Windows 64 is supposed to be introduced to run on the AMD chip
  16. Thank you for stating the obvious on the clawhammer. Some just don't know... Yes, of course it's going to be much faster with 32 bit software. And, on that note, I want to mention something I didn't mention before. Unless you like to throw away money, don't get a multi-proc system. It's a waste of money (send the cash to me if you must). Just like the 64 bit question, programs must be written to gain anything from them. And even then there's little performace gains seen. Remember, same goes for SCSI; it's great if you HAVE to have the extra, but not worth the price for anyone but the filthy rich. Give the extra money to a charity or something; it's tax deductible. Did I mention I'm a charity case? I have 3 eyes. It's terrible.

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  17. lol im a cheapie

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  18. Quote:
    you must). Just like the 64 bit question, programs must be written to gain anything from them. And even then there's little performace gains seen.

    Not true, while duals are not very cost efficient, apps coded for dual processors can sometimes increase their performance 80-90%(certain apps mind you) however the main benifit of a dual system is the ability to delegate tasks to either cpu, so that you can have a heavy system load on one cpu and your divx encoding or game on the other without any slowdown.

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  19. The current best SCSI drive is an IBM Ultrastar. It operates at 15K RPMs and the 18.4GB version has the lowest average seek time of all drives. If you need a larger drive, get a few of these and place them in a RAID.

    The new seagate 15k is faster that ibm ultrastar

    xbitlabs have some bench

    cheap, cheap. Think cheap, and you'll always be cheap.AMD version of semi conducteur industrie
  20. That not a dream comp but still

    P4 1.8 with article silver 3 MCX 478
    P4T533 (also know as P4T1066)
    Rimm 4200 32NS
    The whole stuff overclock to 150 to 160 FSB depending how far the PCI/AGP can go out of spec

    rimm keep in spec for a NW a 2.6 GHz it nothing and it sport 4 GB/S the only trouble is PCI AGP

    cheap, cheap. Think cheap, and you'll always be cheap.AMD version of semi conducteur industrie
  21. if you wanna build a dream computer and money is no object why stick with crappy klipsch speakers???

    Crappy? Crappy?? I didn't just hear you say that. They just are not the best computer speakers out on the market, but they beat most mid range home speakers.
    By far they are not BMW's, crappy they are not. They beat any 5.1 home theater system in a box sets out there bar none,THX certified (if you don't know, is the hardest audio certification to get, and is also the best audio certification out there period), and they just purr......

    Again they won't be a set of $5000 dollor set of BMW's, but there is no better set for the price, at least not yet.

  22. If money is no object then it's time to buy a real home audio system with all the bells and whistles. It's been a couple years since I bought mine and I haven't stayed on top of things, but getting a 600W reciever with some nice speakers and all the components you desire hooked up to your computer with monster cable and whatever sound card can handle it would be the way to go. Why limit yourself to computer speakers when you can hook up 600W+ of premium sound?

    Add to that either a bunch of 24" Sony's or one of those insane digital screens with every port possible for a computer and home entertainment system and you're good to go.

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  23. d00d, if you really want to blow the dough, set up 6 15k RPM SCSI drives in a RAID 10 array. Want to blow some more? Make it hot-swapable.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  24. Of course, if I had the money to do that I would.......but if real world money applies here (still looking for that damn tree that grows money on it) Those speakers are not a bad buy at all. For the amount of power and clarity you get out of them, they are worth the price.

    They still well also has home theater speakers.

    Besides only 600w+?? *EG*, me man, must have 1000w+ for system......

    34" Sony's are ok, but I haven't found any speaker yet that sounds as good as BMWs.......god these things....*drooling uncontrollably*..............

  25. see? like i said, crappy! :wink:

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  26. dont forget the 1.44Mb 3.5" floppy! :wink:

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  27. Nah, an LS120 disk can read floppies and wouldn't require that horid floppy interface. Besides that, it cost more, isn't that what he's looking for?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  28. The best computer money can buy....www.voodoopc.com
    customize the F-Class. If you have money to burn, brun it on the most beautiful, ans fast machine you can buy. You can order your computer overclocked if you like.

    My computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
  29. I have never in my life met someone so stubbornly clueless. Most people who think pro wrestling is real will even back down when everyone disagrees, but you just keep going no matter what.

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  30. my hifi is only £8000 grands worth and i still havent finished yet!!

    if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
  31. Congratulations: You're our dumbest member. Your next goal should be a Darwin award.

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  32. I'd ditch the Plextor CD-RW and the 22" Flat screen CRT. Instead, I'd get a 24" Samsung LCD monitor, or a 22" Viewsonic LCD monitor. Of course the Samsung is widescreen and comes with a remote! As for a CDRW, I'd get the Lite-On 48x/32x/40x CDRW . It's IDE and very fast. I'd also recommend a couple of Seagate Cheetah's . These are SCSI Hard Drives, which run at 15K RPM and have the lowest seek times on any SCSI hard drive right now.
  33. Yes the Klipche (sp?) are good speakers. I didnt care for their sub-woofer though. Oddly enough, I think the Logitech Z-560 speakers have better base and clarity at high volume.

    Water cooling:
    I am currently building a water cooling setup. Water cooling is good for 2 things. You can overclock the crap out of your CPU and its looks really cool. But unless your willing to invest some effort, I wouldnt recommnend it.
    The components are as follows:
    An aquarium water pump, rated for about 300gph. Eheim brand is popular.
    Tubing, tygon tubing from usplastic.com is popular now
    A water block - dangerden.com sells some decent ones
    A reservoir - its optional but nice, also at dangerden

    And yes, it takes up some space. So unless you get a full or server tower case, i wouldnt bother. You can fit one in a mid-size, but its a tight squeeze.
    3. No you dont get better performance with more watts in a power supply.
    4. directron.com has some good cases
    5. new technology coming are the AMD Hammer. It should be out around October.

    if your serious about water cooling, send me a PM and ill walk ta thru it.

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  34. Good God, man; what is wrong with you? Were you the one that started this HUGE thread some time back about Voodoo and Falcon? The one where your dad finally came and excused himself on your behalf for using his THG login?


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  35. It wasn't the dad's THG login, but yes, that's what happened.

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