New DVD Drive won't open

Hello, I recently replaced my dvd/cd drive in my laptop and now no matter what I do it will not open. I was wondering what I can do to fix it. My laptop is a dv6-3012cl running windows 7.
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  1. the new one may be too tight

    theres a tiny hole that you can put a paper clip or small pin/needle in to manually eject it

    does the drive actually show up in windows?
  2. yes it shows up in my computer. I have tried the paper clip trick and it still doesn't work.
  3. take it back out the laptop

    then try to eject it with the paperclip

    if it ejects ok then chances are the bezel/faceplate is a tiny bit too large and its stopping it ejecting
  4. some drives are shipped with an shipping paper in the cd-rom try to keep the drive from being damaged in shipping...did you see if your drive had that shipping wedge in the drive??
  5. Thanks for all the input i discovered it was a little large so i am getting it taken care of now. Thanks again everyone.
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