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I just got a Dell xps 15Z laptop. I want to use it as my desktop unit also but want to keep the connections simple. I have read a lot of reviews of docks and am not sure which would be best for me. The laptop has 2 usb-3 ports and a usb2-E-sata port. I have an e-sata drive so I will be using that port. I would like to have my 2 printers, my scanner, my cardreader. my audio interface, my keyboard and my mouse(wireless but USB)on a hub. I have a 7 port Belkin USB2 hub I can use but do not know if my wireless router would be faster for internet over the eithernet wire thru a docking station to the computer or as a wireless connection. IF wireless is just as good then there is only the question of connecting my monitor. ITwould be nice to have my monitor connected via a docking station (one plug starts all that way)but do not know if a docking station that supplies usb as well as eithernet and video is ok to use. The reviews I have seen seem to indicate loss of speed as well as peripheral problems with docking multiple devices into a singel usb connection to the laptop. Any suggestions?
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  1. Hello Shene;

    There aren't any true docking stations available in the XPS like like there are in some of the business lines like Latitude. The have the specialized docking station connectors that get you the video and Ethernet connections to your peripherals.

    For what you want you're probably better off running your external monitor or TV with WiDi (wireless display).

    As long as you're in reasonably close proximity to your wireless router you should be fine ditching the Ethernet cable.

    Switching to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would also simplify things a bit more. But you can decide if you want to keep those input devices running on USB.

    You're probably better off testing existing hardware in the configurations you want before you go out and get extra or upgraded hardware.
  2. I also want to use my XPS 15z as a desktop with minimal connections but I don't completely understand your reply to Shene. The XPS 15z has 3 USB ports – two USB 3.0 and a USB/eSATA combo

    I have the following plugged into my current desktop:
    - a HP Photosmart Printer (that can probably be used wirelessly)
    - an ergonomic keyboard (that isn't available in a bluetooth version)
    - two 20 inch monitors (that I may replace with a single 24 inch LED or LCD monitor - any recommendations for this? I'm not a gamer).
    - a mouse
    - speakers (through a USB connection)
    - a wireless router

    Please help me understand how I would use a hub and WiDi to accomplish this.

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