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Hi guys I have a few questions about netbooks and repairing them.

1) Whats the difference between Win7 Starter and Win7 Professional?
2) Can I install Win7 Professional on a Netbook?
3) If its loaded with viruses and wont boot how do I go about fixing it?
4) How can I back up my personnal files if I cant access them?

I know they sound nooby but I honestly need help
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    Hello AstroTC;

    1. Windows versions compared. Unlikely you should need a version higher than Home Premium.

    2. Yes, but why would you want to? There is a good reason for using Starter in a 'Netbook. It's better suited to a low power 'Netbook than the higher versions. Linux is also a good option for a low power unit like a 'Netbook. But you could do a standard 'Windows Anytime Upgrade'.

    3. Just like any other laptop without a DVD drive. You can boot up an alternate, non-virus infected OS on a USB thumb drive. And like any other PC or Laptop you create a bootable rescue disk (or thumb drive) after you've set it up.

    4. If you can't access your files you can't back them up. Otherwise if your hard drive and it's file system is working you can recover files with a either a bootable OS (see #3) or remove the HDD and attach it to another computer.
  2. Wow just the answers I was looking for, Thank you very much.
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