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ok, ive been looking thru this forum, and havent found anyhting significantly useful.

The problem, as u can probably guess, is that I can't get my new IBM ATA100 hd to use the promise ata100 controller on the A7V with win2k.

I installed win2k using the ATA66, and then installed the promise driver that came with the mobo, and then switched the driver over to the ATA100 controller. But, it didnt work, the bios detected my hd, but then windoze wouldn't load...saying something like no system available or something...

anyhoo, i need some help... if i need to download drivers or stuff, could ppl please post the url here.

My specs are:

Asus A7V Rev 1.02 using bios 1.004 or something
AMD duron 700
Asus 7100 GeForce 2 MX
SBLive! Value
IBM ATA100 46 gig HD
Pioneer 16x DVD rom
192meg RAM (128 pc133 and 64 pc100)

Windoze 2000 Pro (no SP yet)
Direct X 8
Promise ATA100 Driver that came with mobo

yes, so could some ppl help me...really would like to see this new hd use it's full potential :P


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  1. I'm having the a simular probolem on almost the same computer. I'm trying to install Win2K and it won't detect my ATA/100 controller then in turn can't boot from my HDD.

    I don't feel like adding another HDD and trying a bunch of things. If it can be made to work then I will install it properly. If not there are always other O/S's.

    This computer is a:
    Asus A7V Rev 1.02 BIOS 4c
    AMD Duron 750
    Asus GeForce2 MX V7100 32MB
    SBLive! XGamer
    IBM Deskstar GXP 30GB ATA100
    Kenwood 72TrueX
    192MB Kingston pc133

    I have all the newest updates for the M/O and that did not help. Did you have any probolems with you SBLive and M/O ? I read all the F&Q at the Asus site before setting up my system and saw that there was a common probolem with these two not getting along and to solve the probolem you needed to reserve and IRQ for a Legacy device or something. I did this and that probolem was solved. Did you encounter this ?

    If I find any info I will post it here.
  2. There are a ton of posts talking about this probolem over the last few months. This seens to be more complicated than a strait out answer.

    The is one post labled: A7V + W2K Install Guide on 12/02/00
    Good luck
  3. Hi Chris,
    What exactly was your problem with SB Live! and how did you fix it? I have SB Platinum 5.1 and it works fine, except the volume set on low is really LOUD. I wondered if your fix would help. My sys is as follows:
    AMD 1100
    IBM Deskstar 45
    SB Live! Plat 5.1
    Kenwood 72x
    384mb pc133
    Elsa Gladiac ultra

    Thanks for any help or info. By the way, I have the same problem with ATA 100. I have all the latest drivers but when I switch to the primary ultra ata 100 ide my sys doesn't boot. I've read a lot of stuff but haven't figured this one out either. Seems like I might have read a fix coming in SP2?
  4. Hello -

    you need to create a Promise ATA100 controller/Win2000 driver boot disk and have it on hand to install W2K.

    If you notice during the beginning of W2K installation, it will ask you if you have any SCSI drivers to load and if you do it says to press "F6" (or something like that, its been awhile). Anyway if you select it you will eventually be given the opportunity to install it.

    Go to the Promise web site for instructions on how to create Promise boot disk.

    Later Jim

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  5. The probolem was IRQ conflicks with some Creative sound cards and programs on the A7V M/O.

    The Creative sound cards need two IRQs. One is for SB16 DOS emulation (ISA IRQ) and the other is for PCI IRQ. The BIOS assigns all IRQ to PCI slot by default because A7V doesn't have ISA slots. Too fix the problem change these settings in the BIOS setup menu.

    Advanced -> PCI Configuration -> PCI/PNP IRQ Resource Exclusion -> "IRQ 5 Reserved for Legacy Device" -> "Yes"

    As for the probolem booting with the primary ATA/100 controller I just needed to setup my BIOS to boot from SCSI devices for Win98SE. I have yet to attempt another Win2K install.
  6. That's because that driver sucks and from what I remember it is actually a Win98 only driver. Lemme look...
    I think you gotta look for the b32 driver (If my memory serves me)
    <A HREF="http://cgi.asus.com.tw/products/motherboard/driver_ide.html" target="_new">http://cgi.asus.com.tw/products/motherboard/driver_ide.html</A>
    oops it was b33. Put the cable on the ATA66 channel then install the driver switch it back... Enjoy as now Win2K takes ten minutes to boot but hey you got ATA100 now!!

    <font color=red> DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE THE BOOT ORDER IN THE BIOS MAKE SURE THE ATA100 (4th one down the list) IS SET TO ENABLE AND THAT THE NORMAL IDE (2nd one down) is disabled</font color=red>
  7. Actually the driver I was using <font color=red>was</font color=red> the b32. Hopefully the b33 might fix the long splash screen that lead many to thing that thier computers have crashed but really just hang for about 5 minutes.

    cross your fingers...

    <font color=white> This new forum still sucks and btw so does </font color=white> <font color=red> ASUS </font color=red>
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