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Toshiba C650-00M (i3-2410) vs Acer AS 5742-6639 (i5-480) vs HP G6-1B67CA (AMD Vision A6) . They are all 15.6. The HP is 6G/750G compare to 4G/640G for the others. The price is the same. The computer will be used for word processing and video watching but since I keep my things for a long time I want to have my options open. Which one would you recommend. Thank you
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  1. Hello, first off this is a bit in the wrong section.

    Anyways, if graphics performance is not needed for your uses (seems like it's not) then I'd go with the i5 processor, A6 being the runner up if you feel like you want that extra HDD space. A6 might be a bit slower but in every day use you won't notice it much.
  2. since most laptop hard drives are 5400rpm anyways the performance of the i3 isnt going to be what causes a sluggish feeling.

    you might also want to look into a few of asus's offerings. they had an i3 model for around $500 which i bought for someone's gift and it runs great. i myself own an i7 model with a non-integrated video card which i bought for around $800 at microcenter (when comparable laptops were $1100+)
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