UMC should put a heat spreader on Barton

Whenever UMC gets the green light to start pumping out T-breds/Bartons they should put a heat spreader on it since heat dissipation seems to be a big problem with the new 0.13 Athlon. Who knows, might get a few more mhz out of it. Although, with the addition of the extra cache on Barton, I guess heat dissipation wouldn't be as much of a problem since it's going to be over 20 larger than the thoroughbred. I wonder how the shrink to 0.09 would affect the thermal dissipation of the K7.
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  1. We've already been over this a few times...

    Think of it this way: having a heat spreader is functionally the same as cutting a 3/32" layer of metal off the bottom of your heatsink and attaching it to the CPU core with thermal epoxy. When the larger part of this hacked-up heatsink gets put back on, you end up with an imperfect fit where the heatsink got cut in two. This doesn't improve heat dissipation; it hinders it.

    If the heat spreader is of a more conductive material than the heatsink itself (i.e. as in the Silverado, where the main heatsink block is aluminum, but the contact surface is a slab of pure silver), then it might help. But this usually isn't the case, especially with the P4's stainless-steel heat spreader.

    A heat spreader aids in heat dissipation only if there's no better passive cooling on the core.

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  2. yes but i think that copper spreaders are more efficient than aluminum.
  3. Yes, but the P4 spreaders are stainless steel (or at least that's what Kelledin is saying), which is worse than aluminum.

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  4. Which is true, but for that to make a difference, the IHS would have to be copper and the heatsink aluminum. If they started making the IHS out of silver, we MIGHT see some improvement.

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  5. Of course here is hoping AMD's IHS for Hammer is more effective than Intel's reverse meaning of IHS.

  6. Whether its better or worse, at least you won't see any more posts like, "Is the core important? I think I might have chipped it. Will this cause any problems. If so, can I return the processor for a new one".
  7. From what I've seen, the Hammer's IHS looks like copper or bronze. The original heatspreaders on the K6-(2/3) were aluminum.

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  8. well one would hope copper...
    but copper is soft... and people are idiots, so i can easily see people dinting and badly scratching the IHS.

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