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UMC should put a heat spreader on Barton

Last response: in CPUs
June 11, 2002 7:07:04 AM

Whenever UMC gets the green light to start pumping out T-breds/Bartons they should put a heat spreader on it since heat dissipation seems to be a big problem with the new 0.13 Athlon. Who knows, might get a few more mhz out of it. Although, with the addition of the extra cache on Barton, I guess heat dissipation wouldn't be as much of a problem since it's going to be over 20 larger than the thoroughbred. I wonder how the shrink to 0.09 would affect the thermal dissipation of the K7.
June 11, 2002 10:01:59 AM

We've already been over this a few times...

Think of it this way: having a heat spreader is functionally the same as cutting a 3/32" layer of metal off the bottom of your heatsink and attaching it to the CPU core with thermal epoxy. When the larger part of this hacked-up heatsink gets put back on, you end up with an imperfect fit where the heatsink got cut in two. This doesn't improve heat dissipation; it hinders it.

If the heat spreader is of a more conductive material than the heatsink itself (i.e. as in the Silverado, where the main heatsink block is aluminum, but the contact surface is a slab of pure silver), then it might help. But this usually isn't the case, especially with the P4's stainless-steel heat spreader.

A heat spreader aids in heat dissipation only if there's no better passive cooling on the core.

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June 11, 2002 12:31:23 PM

yes but i think that copper spreaders are more efficient than aluminum.
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June 11, 2002 1:47:05 PM

Yes, but the P4 spreaders are stainless steel (or at least that's what Kelledin is saying), which is worse than aluminum.

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June 11, 2002 3:59:50 PM

Which is true, but for that to make a difference, the IHS would have to be copper and the heatsink aluminum. If they started making the IHS out of silver, we MIGHT see some improvement.

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June 11, 2002 4:15:51 PM

Of course here is hoping AMD's IHS for Hammer is more effective than Intel's reverse meaning of IHS.

June 11, 2002 4:34:27 PM

Whether its better or worse, at least you won't see any more posts like, "Is the core important? I think I might have chipped it. Will this cause any problems. If so, can I return the processor for a new one".
June 11, 2002 11:39:00 PM

From what I've seen, the Hammer's IHS looks like copper or bronze. The original heatspreaders on the K6-(2/3) were aluminum.

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June 12, 2002 12:29:43 AM

well one would hope copper...
but copper is soft... and people are idiots, so i can easily see people dinting and badly scratching the IHS.

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